Cancel account

We’ve done everything to make it extremely easy to unsubscribe.Please do as follows:

  • Login to your account
  • Click on your name (right top of the screen)
  • Click ‘account’ in the menu
  • Click ‘unsubscribe’ (left top of the screen)
  • Optional: Leave a comment or ask a question

Please know:

  • You can always unsubscribe. There is no termination period.
  • From the moment you cancel, no more payments are done.
  • Your yearly subscription gets prolonged automatically.
  • You can cancel a prolonged yearly subscription during the new contract period. If you want, we can refund you for the remaining months. We then multiply the number of months you’ve been subscribed by the price of a monthly subscription and refund you the difference.
  • If you cancel your account within 14 days after the first payment you’ve completed, you can request a refund via the comment box you see after cancelling your account.

Please watch this demonstration video to see you can you unsubscribe: