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Apply science to studying and study at least twice as effective.


Reasons why you’ll love Study Smart With Chris

You will study less

We will teach you how to filter your material, and how you can separate main points from side issues. This way, you should be able to skip 2/3 of your materials.

You will study way faster

The way you read, take notes and review defines your learning speed. Study Smart leaves no room for error. You'll apply the best methods and systems to maximise your learning speed.

You will forget a lot less

Normally, you forget +70% of what you study after 24 hours. By using our study tool, you will forget a lot less, but our review tool and review rhythm will guarantee 100% memorization

You are in Good Company

+200.000 students

Over 200.000 students from more than 25 countries are studying more effectively with Study Smart With Chris


Students Helped

Oxford University

Oxford University, a top 3 university in the world, promotes Study Smart With Chris to their students.

Our partners

Below you will find a few of our partners that help us to promote Study Smart..


Researchers around the world have concluded that these are the most important study skills:

  • 1. Ask yourself questions
  • 2. Learn everything in its context
  • 3. Spaced repetition

Study Smart ensures that you understand and apply these skills in the perfect way.

Our Best Features

1. Make perfect flashcards, notes and mind maps

It's not hard to make flashcards and mind maps, but it becomes extremely efficient if you make them in a specific way. We will teach you (and guide you) how to make them in the perfect way.

2. You'll get the best explanation you've ever had

Chris gets invited by the best universities in the world to teach the study skills that are implemented in this platform. In short and clear videos, you'll learn how to read smart, take notes, plan, and much more.

3. Perfectly store your cards and mind maps per chapter

You remember more when you connect old information to new information. In Study Smart, you'll make your cards per chapter or section, while we ensure you keep your overview and use your existing knowledge as your base.

4. Play with our cards, review them, and test yourself

Familiarise yourself with your cards by playing with them. Ensure your retention by reviewing them and test yourself to prepare yourself for the real deal! This proven sequence works!

5. Your retention gets measured and displayed

Based on the so called 'forgetting graphs', your brain forgets new information. You forget 70% of what you study after one day. Study Smart plans your reviews so your retention will be up to date.

6. Premium support via email, WhatsApp or even phone

Our study coaches give you personal support when you have questions on how to implement the study tool & the study skills, tailored to your study materials.

Study Smart Package

1. Video workshop effective studying (worth $ 99.95 )

2. Study Tool (worth $ 19.95 / month)

3. e-Book on effective studying (worth $ 19.95 )

4. Premium study coach support (worth $ 59.95/h)

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You can learn all your study material in Study Smart. Most books have already been studied by others, but if they are not already in the system, you can find them in the database or add them. You can learn all the study material you have with Study Smart, whether or not it is already in the system.
Certainly. The system works for anyone who has to study a lot of material, such as books, articles, readers, syllabi, etc. We focus our marketing activities mainly on college / university students, but the system can be perfectly used by anyone who needs to learn a lot of textual information.

Study Smart With Chris Experiences

Why I Created This Platform. My Story.

As a child, I used to be every teacher’s nightmare. I couldn’t learn, read, write, sit still or do anything that was expected of me. My parents were devastated to see me struggling at school. Supported by dozens of private tutors, after-school teachers, therapists, and coaches, I managed to finish high school. The costs were high: I had low self-esteem, no free time to spend on playing and sports, and of course it cost a lot of money.

As an obvious next step, I went to university. It was a disaster. In my first year, I managed to get 10 ECTS, out of the 60 yearly expected ECTS. In my second year, I managed to add another 20. I now had a year-and-a-half’s delay. The final help I got was from a study coach who finally, at the age of 21, taught me how to study. After a few hours of coaching and teaching, I finally understood how to read, plan, take notes, maintain my concentration, stop procrastinating, etc. In my third year in university, I got 90 ECTS and the next year I finished my bachelor’s degree. Everyone was surprised, including me. How was it possible that no one was teaching this to children and students? And even if they did, why are there no great tools that you can use to make life SO MUCH simpler? My life’s mission started.

I’m proud to say that I have helped and trained over 200,000 students over the last 9 years. My mission is to help millions.

I believe that so many students waste their time, grades and futures because they simply don't know how to study. This platform gives you everything you need to succeed while studying for your tests and exams.

Stop eating soup with a fork. Stop wasting your time and your efforts. This platform offers everything you need while studying for your tests and exams.


Some questions you might have

Absolutely. Even the brightest students in the world use this tool to study in a more structured way, save time, get higher grades and optimize their study sessions. Everyone has something to learn and everyone can make improvements.
Once you start working with flashcards, mindmaps, comprehensive reading, etc., you will have to adapt to the new way of studying. This may take a few hours. So yes, in the beginning, you might turn fewer pages than you used to, but you are studying A LOT more effectively than you used to, and you are learning how to study, which is worth investing some initial time in
Absolutely. I have over 50,000 high school students whom I help and support. The study method and the tools can be fully applied for high school learners. Even primary school students can use this platform. Please see this movie (in Dutch):
  • - Students who don’t have tests and exams on textual information or classroom materials
  • - Students who only have to write essays
  • - Students who only have practical/technical exams and assignments
The workshop consists of around 40 short videos (2-10 minutes each), categorised by problem area. You can view them at your own pace, and in your own order. Start by viewing the videos most relevant to your needs.

Some thoughts that might block you

You can study ANY kind of materials in Study Smart. To help you study better, we need the structure of your study materials. This means we need the titles and chapter titles of your textbooks, articles, syllabi, slides, case studies, etc. As soon as your materials have any kind of structure, you can study them in Study Smart.
It’s logical to think that. However, you can leave the notes you've already made where they are and immediately continue in Study Smart. Let’s say you’ve made notes on chapter 1,2 and 3 already. Please just leave them where they are (on paper, computer etc.) and make your notes for chapter 4 onwards in Study Smart. You will immediately start benefiting from all the tools, help and guidance in the system.
You can study ANY kind of materials in Study Smart. To help you study better, we need the structure of your study materials. This means we need the titles and chapter titles of your articles, syllabi, slides, case studies, etc. As soon as your materials have any kind of structure, you can study them in Study Smart.
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