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Few children learn to study well, and even if they do, they do hardly apply it. We solve this problem.

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Why I developed this platform. My Story.

As a child, I always felt less smart than the rest. Everyone seemed to get good grades quite easily, but I was studying for a long time and always just got a six, or unfortunately even an unsatisfactory. This was not good for my confidence.

I only learned to learn when I was 21. By consistently applying the right methods well, my grades immediately shot up. I could draw 4 conclusions:

  • 1.It wasn't my fault. No one had ever taught me to learn and given me the right tools.
  • 2.It is very easy to learn how to learn very quickly and well.
  • 3.It is very difficult to keep applying new skills without the right help
  • 4.Anyone can do it with the right tools and guidance!

I am proud to say that I have helped and trained more than 200,000 students around the world.

You child can do better and get further

Less room for error

Many young students study "in their own way." They hope for good grades, but often in vain. Far to often, they eat soup with a fork. With Study Smart, you can be sure that your child is studying the right way. This provides peace and security, both during learning and while taking tests.

Faster Studying

Studying effectively is not difficult. By using relatively simple techniques, your child will learn to distinguish main issues from side issues. Also, the material will stick more quickly and they will understand both the relationships and the details more quickly. Learning effectively is a skill, not a talent.

Preparation for later

As your child progresses in education, learning material becomes more complex. It then becomes even more important that students understand HOW to learn. By already using Study Smart at school, your child will be better prepared for college.

Your child needs the right knowledge and tools

Flashcards, notes and mind-maps

Children learn in many ways, often applying the wrong techniques. Certain techniques work better than others. With Study Smart, you are optimally supported to use the right techniques and tools so that you learn better.

Crystal clear explanation of the methods

When you have a good understanding of what to do and how to do it, implementation is relatively easy.

Chris explains in short, fun, and crystal clear videos exactly how to learn. Kids love it!

Structure, overview and guidance

The structure in the study tool provides the overview that a student needs. Through automatic reading comprehension, your child will make connections and he / she will better separate main issues from side issues.

100% sure, 100% grip

By combining the best methods, your child will learn in the best way.
The system shows how well the materials is memorised by the brain, based on the forgetting curve of Prof. Ebbinghaus. You can see exactly how well the material in each part of the material is retained.

Follow the progress

As a parent, you can log in to your child's account.

You can see exactly how well your child knows the material, how well your child is progressing in the material and much more.

Personal support

Our study coaches provide personalized support when your child has questions about implementing the study tool and the skills, explained and applied to the child's study materials.

Our customers explain it all best

Students of all ages use Study Smart

High school, college and university students all over the world use Study Smart to master their material, feel confident and achieve better results.

Students use Study Smart to study textbooks, lecture notes, powerpoint slides, and all other types of materials

Study Smart is mostly used for ‘knowledge subjects’ (like history) but it can also be used for languages and math.

Sounds nice Chris, but is my child really going to do this?

It may be very "new" to your child, but the method is not difficult. I recommend that you study the first +/- 5 pages of a book (or other study material) with together with your youngster, using Study Smart. This way, you will help your child get started whereafter he / she can continue alone.

This way of learning is (yes, I know I am not neutral) the greatest educational gift you can give your child. It's 100% definitely worth a try!

Within 60 minutes, your child will be a big step closer to good results


Within 3 minutes

You are signed up and ready to start with your child!

Within 30 minutes

Your child has (together with you) viewed the parts of the workshop that will help him / her overcome the greatest study challenges

Within 32 minutes

The first study materials have been added to the library

Within 40 minutes

You are discovering the study tool and have added the first flashcards together.

Within 60 minutes

Your child can now get started with the study tool.

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Certainly, via the account settings (log in, click on your name at the top right, then on 'account') you can downgrade or cancel with just a few clicks.
You can link 1 parent account to 1 child account. Would you like to register several children? In this case, it is best to register them separately (directly/not linked to an older account), or use another email address that you have.
Everything in the system is personal. A child has their own library, their own progress overviews, their own study settings, their own repetition rhythm, etc. Sharing an account therefore decreases their effectiveness. In addition, sharing an account is not permitted according to our terms and conditions.
The content is exactly the same for all 3 packages, but committing to the service for a longer period of time results in a larger discount.
The knowledge from the workshop applies to all subjects. You can use the study tool for all subjects, but it is best suited for 'knowledge subjects' and languages.
All textbooks with an ISBN are registered in the system. The table of contents of most books is available in the system. If this is not the case, you can easily add material. The study tool teaches you how to create a good summary of your book so that you effectively learn the book. You can easily add the table of contents of all other study material. When material has structure (headings, titles, etc.), you can study it using Study Smart.
To kickstart your child's journey on the way to studying correctly, we recommend that you discover the system together. Make the first flashcards and notes together. This way, you will help your child at the start, allowing him/her continue alone afterwards. This should take 40-60 mins max.
Children as yoiung as six can use Study Smart. We also have customers aged 65 and older. When your child is still young, we recommend that you discover the system together and learn the first pages of a study book together.

Some questions you might have

The learning techniques explained in the video workshop are effective for all subjects. Using the study tool, you can learn words, conjugations and translations very well. Of course, you can also learn the theoretical parts of study books with Study Smart. You can also make summaries of literature and study using the study tool.
The learning techniques that are explained to you in the video workshop work for all subjects. With the study tool, you can study the theoretical parts of textbooks very effectively. This mainly applies to subjects such as chemistry, physics, biology, etc.
As long as your child is somewhat motivated to get good grades, Study Smart works very well. Study Smart offers all the features, tools and explanation needed for effective studying. Of course it remains personal, but many children find the overview, the fun features and the repetition methods a very pleasant way of learning because they see and notice that they really master the material. Either way, it's worth a try.
You can cancel a monthly subscription at any time. You can cancel an annual subscription up until to the day of renewal, but you can also cancel an extended annual subscription prematurely. In doing so, you will be reverted to a monthly subscription without a notice period. The remaining months can be refunded upon request.
Certainly! The explanation, the overview, the structure, the reading steps and retention percentages provide a lot of guidance for children with learning difficulties.

Some thoughts that might block you

This is one of the biggest misconceptions regarding studying that one can have! You can study as hard as you want and start as early as you want, but if you are learning inefficiently, you will not understand much and you will not remember much of what you study. Only when you start using simple skills and tools will you remember what you have studied.
It can go well for a long time, but there will come a time when much more complex material will be introduced. By learning the correct learning method at this age, things will continue to go well later. The Study Smart With Chris study tool is widely used in higher professional education and university education. Learned early is old!
It makes sense to think so. However, you can just leave the notes where they are (on paper or computer) and continue immediately in Study Smart. Suppose for example that you have already made notes on chapters 1, 2 and 3, just leave them where they are and take notes for chapters 4, 5, etc in Study Smart. You will immediately benefit from all the tools, help and guidance provided by the system.
95% of college students do not use the simplest learning methods. At school, pupils often 'learn to learn', but the actual use of the right techniques almost never happens. The difference is made when you constantly apply the right techniques. With Study Smart, this goes without saying. That is why our customers achieve much better grades and make great leaps in their educational journeys.