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Why I Created This Platform. My Story:

I was once a very bad student. During high school I failed a lot, had to drop levels, and had tutors and support almost daily. Despite hard work and effort, I failed my first 2 years in university. I was devastated but didn't want to give up. Finally at the age of 21, I learned how to learn and my grades soared. I became one of the best students in my class.

I could draw 4 conclusions:

  • 1. It wasn’t my fault, nobody ever taught me or gave me the right tools
  • 2. It’s extremely easy to learn how to study smart
  • 3. It's very hard to apply new skills without having the right help
  • 4. With the right tools and guidance, anyone can do it

I'm proud to say that I've helped and trained over 200,000 students around the world.

You will love Study Smart With Chris

No longer 18?

It may have been a while since you last studied. This is, by no means, a reason for you to study less effectively.

By continuously applying the right skills, you will be able to absorb and remember the material. Study Smart facilitates you in this process.

Faster studying

Studying effectively is not difficult. By using relatively simple techniques, you can distinguish main issues from side issues, the material sticks more quickly and you understand both the relationships and the details more quickly.

Learning quickly is a skill, not a talent.

Stay effective in little time

By studying with the study tool you will be immediately studying effectively.

The structure, overview, study methods and smart features ensure that you make the most of every moment.

Anyone can do it, young and old.

Knowledge and tools will produce results

Flashcards, notes and mind-maps

Many people study 'in their own way' throughout their lives and hope for good grades. Meanwhile they eat soup with a fork.
With Study Smart, you can be sure that you are studying the right way. This provides peace of mind and security.

Crisp and clear explanation

When you have a good understanding of what to do and how to do it, implementation is relatively easy.

Chris explains in short, fun, and crystal clear videos exactly how to learn.

Structure, overview and guidance

The structure in the study tool provides the overview you need. Through automatic reading comprehension, you will make connections and better separate main and side issues. You can (almost) no longer study the wrong way.

100% sure, 100% grip

By combining the best methods, you will learn in the best way.

The system shows how well the substance stays in the memory, based on the forgetting curve of Prof. Ebbinghaus. This shows you exactly how well material is remembered.

Study all your material

Are you attending a training for your work, are you retraining, or do you like to read literature that you want to remember? Then Study Smart With Chris will help you.
As long as the material has structure (a table of contents, headings, etc.), you can use Study Smart well.

Personal support

Our study coaches provide personalized support when you have questions about implementing the study tool and skills, even applied to your own study materials.

Because we know how difficult it can be (unnecessary), we will help you as long as necessary!

Studying smart is the key to success

Many feel inadequate, less intelligent, stuck or not well suited for their studies. This hurts because we know that people can do a lot more when they:

1) know how to study and
2) actually apply the right methods

Learn from our own customers :)

Sounds nice Chris, but am I really going to use this?

It may be "new" for a while, but the method is not difficult. I recommend that you go through the video workshop first. In any case, you will learn a lot from this.

Then you can start studying with the study tool. You will immediately feel that you are studying much more effectively.

This method is (yes, I know I’m not neutral) the greatest gift you can give yourself. It's 100% for sure worth a try!

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You understand the basics of the study tools well.

In 60 min

You’re getting used to studying in the best way, constantly applying all the scientifically proven study skills.

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The system works very well for all subjects and studies where you have to understand, process and remember a lot of material. Eg economics, history, law, medicine, geography, social studies, etc etc etc.
You can learn all your study material in Study Smart. Most books have already been studied by others, but if they are not already in the system, you can find them in the database or add them. You can learn all the study material you have with Study Smart, whether or not it is already in the system.
Yes, you can easily switch from a monthly to an annual or lifetime subscription, and from an annual to a monthly subscription.
Some students expect such a thing to be free. However, we don't want to make money from your data and we want to give you the best possible experience. That is why we ask a small amount per month or per year to improve the system and the tools. You are not committed to anything. Education has a huge impact on your future, and it often goes wrong because the self-study process doesn't go well. By using Study Smart, you ensure that the self-study process runs smoothly. This makes all the money, time and energy you already invest in your education worth it!
Study Smart works well for students who need to learn a lot of material, for example from books, slides, or syllabi. It works for all types of subjects (even mathematics and statistics) but it mainly works well for subjects such as history, economics, law, medicine, business, etc. The tips and study tool are generic and directly applicable throughout the learning process. In any case, the workshop will inspire and help you, and you can always try the study tool if you have any doubts. You can also always request a refund within 14 days if it does not suit you.
Buying something online is always a bit scary. We understand that very well. If you don't trust it, you can always call or WhatsApp us and / or read reviews on Trustpilot or Google Reviews. When a company does not act fairly, it will be on the internet in no time. Fortunately, with us that is not the case at all!
You will study much more effectively if you consistently apply the right study skills. That is very challenging without technology. Study Smart ensures that you continuously keep an overview by asking you short but smart questions. It also plans your repetitions, your breaks, it measures your concentration, etc. Making flashcards, exchanging flashcards, making mind maps, reviewing, and testing yourself, etc., is all a lot easier using Study Smart's digital technology.
Certainly. The system works for anyone who has to study a lot of material, such as books, articles, readers, syllabi, etc. We focus our marketing activities mainly on college / university students, but the system can be perfectly used by anyone who needs to learn a lot of textual information.
No, the content of all subscriptions is the same. You only get a larger discount when you commit for a longer period of time.

Some questions you might have

Absolutely. Even the brightest students in the world use this tool to study in a more structured way, save time, get higher grades and optimize their study sessions. Everyone has something to learn and everyone can make improvements.
Once you start working with flashcards, mindmaps, comprehensive reading, etc., you will have to adapt to the new way of studying. This may take a few hours. So yes, in the beginning, you might turn fewer pages than you used to, but you are studying A LOT more effectively than you used to, and you are learning how to study, which is worth investing some initial time in
Absolutely. I have over 50,000 high school students whom I help and support. The study method and the tools can be fully applied for high school learners. Even primary school students can use this platform. Please see this movie (in Dutch):
  • - Students who don’t have tests and exams on textual information or classroom materials
  • - Students who only have to write essays
  • - Students who only have practical/technical exams and assignments
The workshop consists of around 40 short videos (2-10 minutes each), categorized by problem area. You can view them at your own pace, and in your own order. Start by viewing the videos most relevant to your needs.

Some thoughts that might block you

You can study ANY kind of materials in Study Smart. To help you study better, we need the structure of your study materials. This means we need the titles and chapter titles of your textbooks, articles, syllabi, slides, case studies, etc. As soon as your materials have any kind of structure, you can study them in Study Smart.
It’s logical to think that. However, you can leave the notes you've already made where they are and immediately continue in Study Smart. Let’s say you’ve made notes on chapter 1,2 and 3 already. Please just leave them where they are (on paper, computer etc.) and make your notes for chapter 4 onwards in Study Smart. You will immediately start benefiting from all the tools, help and guidance in the system.
You can study ANY kind of materials in Study Smart. To help you study better, we need the structure of your study materials. This means we need the titles and chapter titles of your articles, syllabi, slides, case studies, etc. As soon as your materials have any kind of structure, you can study them in Study Smart.
Don’t worry!! You can ALWAYS unsubscribe. It’s extremely easy to unsubscribe. This page even shows a video on how to do so.