Summary 8 questions about the conscious mind Book cover image

Summary 8 questions about the conscious mind

- Hans Dooremalen
ISBN-13 9789461055811
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A snapshot of the summary - 8 questions about the conscious mind Author: Hans Dooremalen ISBN: 9789461055811

  • 1 Question 1; What is the conscious mind?

  • Why does doubting prove the point that the conscious mind exists?
    Because doubting itself woud be a mental state.
  • What are phonomenal experiences?
    Phenomenal experiences are characterized by their what-it-is-likeness / qualia are the qualitative aspects of phenomenal experiences.
  • What are cognitive states?
    Cognitive states can be characterized by saying that they possess intentionality, the proberty of being about someting (aboutness).
  • What is the third type of mental state that possesses both what-it-is-likeness and aboutness?
  • What is the mind-body problem?
    How the conscious mind fits into the physical world.
  • What are the two problems?
    1. How do qualia fit into the physical world?
    2. How does intentionality fit into the physical world?
  • What are the 2 methods that Descartes used to gain knowledge he was absolutely sure about?
    1. Radical doubt 
    2. Clear and distinct perception 
  • Explain Descartes' evil demon
    Descartes used radical doubt to know what he knew for sure. He was convinced there was an evil demon that made him believe certain things. This demon could not make him doubt his own existence because ''I think therefore I am''
  • Explain the second method of Descartes to gain knowledge, clear and distinct perception
    All statements that he perceived clearly and distinctly had to be true
  • What is substance dualism?
    People consist of two substances, a mental and a physical one. A substance is something that can exist on its own so the two don't need each other
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