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Summary 978 90 345 6658 4

- anneke blankers
ISBN-13 9789034566584
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A snapshot of the summary - 978 90 345 6658 4 Author: anneke blankers ISBN: 9789034566584

  • 1.1 prosperous in amsterdam

  • how many people flet to amsterdam from ant?werp
    over one hundred thousand
  • why did poeple go from amsterdam to antwerp?
    because the spanish king had captured antwerp he wanted to punish antwerp back and amsterdam was doing well
  • what did they sellt in the hanse towns?
    lace, rugs, sugar, silver and clothes 
  • how much inhabitants when it was 1578 and from 1675 
    in 1578 30.000 and in 1675 206.000 
  • why did amsterdam become so big?
    because in the netherland (amsterdam) you can build and it we were rich , and antwerp was captured 
  • what is a staple market?
    product beside the canals that can resold without processing 
  • 1.2 to the east and west

  • what kind of product were there from the dicovered territories?
    sugar, , cocoa, coffeefrom america- pepper nutmeg, mace and cloves from india
  • when was the wic set up?
  • 1.3 amazing art

  • what is scienctific revolution?
    people became to study the world and how the earth really is, people became no catholic more because there were facts that it wasnt happened
  • what is the golden age?
    things went very well, the economy brought much prosperity in this period, much painters and artist came to this repubic they had a lot of money, very much things were ivented in that period
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