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Summary Abnormal Psychology 8e

ISBN-10 1260547906 ISBN-13 9781260547900
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A snapshot of the summary - Abnormal Psychology 8e Author: NOLEN HOEKSEMA ISBN: 9781260547900

  • 1 looking at abnormality

  • What is referred to when speaking of psychopathology?
    The study of people who suffer mental, emotional and often physical pain
  • 1.1 defining abnormality

  • What is one of the reasons there are no biological tests available for mental illnesses?
    Mental disorders are not just one 'disease', but rather a collection of problems and symptoms that can vary per person
  • What is meant by cultural relativism?
    There are no universal standards for labeling behavior as abnormal, you can only do this relative to cultural norms
    • con: labeling certain groups can happen to control or silence them (holocaust) 
  • What are the 4 D's of abnormality?
    1. Dysfunction: interfering with daily functioning
    2. Distress: both the person and the people around them
    3. Deviance: hearing voices when alone
    4. Dangerousness: agression and/or harm
  • 1.2 historical perspectives on abnormality

  • What is a trephination?
    A procedure where holes are drilled into the skull of someone that behaves abnormally to allow spirits to leave
  • Which 4 categories did Hippocrates classify for abnormal behavior?
    1. Epilepsy
    2. mania
    3. melancholia
    4. brain fever
  • What are psychic epidemics?
    Phenomenons in which large numbers of people engage in unusual behaviors that appear to have a psychological origin
    • dance frenzies or mania expample
    • tarantism example
  • 1.3 the emergence of modern perspectives

  • What is the difference between psychoanalysis and behaviorism?
    Psychoanalysis mainly focusses on unconscious processes, where behaviorism aims to understand behavior through stimuli and responses (classical conditioning pavlov)
  • 2 theories and treatment of abnormality

  • 2.1 biological approaches

  • Which 3 causes are named for abnormality following the biological approach and can all influence eachother?
    1. Brain disfunction
    2. biochemical imbalances
    3. genetic abnormalities
  • Which 4 neurotransmitters are mentioned in the book?
    1. Serotonin: emotional wellbeing and dysfunctional behaviors
    2. dopamine: reinforcements or rewards, affected by substances (addiction) and muscle systems
    3. norepinephrine/noradrenaline: stimulating effects because of delay in reuptake and depression
    4. GABA: inhibits action of other transmitters, anxiety symtoms
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