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Summary Adolescent Development

- Laurence Steinberg
ISBN-13 9781260565679
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A snapshot of the summary - Adolescent Development Author: Laurence Steinberg ISBN: 9781260565679

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  • When is early adolescence?
    The period spanning roughly ages 10-13, corresponding roughly to the junior high or middle school years
  • When is middle adolescence?
    The period spanning roughly ages 14-17, corresponding to the high school years.
  • When is emerging adulthood?
    The period spanning roughly ages 18-25, during which individuals make the transition from adolescence to adulthood
  • What are, according to Hill, three features of adolescent development that give the period its special flavor and significance?
    1. The onset of puberty (biological)
    2. The emergence of more advanced thinking abilities (cognitive)
    3. The transition into new roles in society (social)
  • What is a rite of passage?
    A ceremony or ritual marking an individual's transition from one social status to another, expecially marking the young person's transition to adulthood.
  • Name 5 developmental challenges that we face as we grow and change
    1. Identity
    2. Autonomy
    3. Intimacy
    4. Sexuality
    5. Achievement
  • What are biosocial theories?
    Theories of adolescence that emphasize the biological changes of the period
  • Who was the most important biosocial theorist?
    Stanley Hall
  • What did Stanley Hall believe?
    That the development of the individual paralleled the development of the human species, a notion referred to as his theory of recapitulation
  • What is the most important legacy of Hall's view of adolescence?
    The notion that it is inevitably a period of 'storm and stress.'

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