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Summary Advanced Cellular Imaging Techiques

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A snapshot of the summary - Advanced Cellular Imaging Techiques

  • 2 Microscope Construction

  • 2.1 Compound microscope

  • A compound microscope reaches higher magnification by...
    Using extra lenses, such as an eyepiece.
  • 2.2 Infinity optical system

  • Infinity optical system
    Here there are two lenses, but no intermediate-image.
    - Object is placed in the focal plane (s=f, s'=infinity)
    - Each point of the object forms a parallel bundle
    - A tubelens forms a real image on a camera sensor.
  • 2.4 Objective Lenses

  • Infinity sign on objective lens
    Optimized for an infinity optical system
  • Magnification on objectiive lens
    Total magnification
  • 2.5 Numerical aperture

  • Numerical aperture of an objective is...
    A measure of its ability to gather light and to resolve detail in a specimen.
  • High N.A. Lenses... (2)
    1. Collect more light and form brighter images
    2. Allow to see more detail
  • Formula N.A.
    NA = sin mu
  • Maximal and best lenses N.A.
    Maximal = 1, Best = 0.95
  • Mu increases when... (2)
    1. The aperture of the lens is larger
    2. Distance to the sample is minimized
  • Image brightness formula
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