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Summary Advanced Hydrological Systems Analysis

- Advanced Hydrological Systems Analysis
- Bier
- 2020 - 2021
- Wageningen University (Wageningen University, Wageningen)
- Earth and Environment
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A snapshot of the summary - Advanced Hydrological Systems Analysis

  • 1 Week 1

  • Modelling - what is the right order?
    1. Perceptual mode: deciding on the process
    2. Conceptual model: deciding on the eqs
    3. Procedural model: get code running on a computer
    4. Calibration/SA: identify parameters, estimate uncertainty
    5. Evaluation: compare output with observations

    Application: scenario analysis
  • What are the applied concepts in the unsaturated zone?
    • Richards equation: assumes only vertical flow (t and z) 
    • Use soil properties
    • Simulate root water uptake, capillary rise
    • Set saturated GW at fixed depth (BC in SWAP)
    • Numerics: dz, dt, FV
  • What are the applied concepts in the open water?
    • Linearised St-Venant const. Drain
    • 1D model
    • UPDATE
  • What are the scales of (un)saturated zone and open water?
    Unsaturated zone: 
    Saturated zone: 
    Open water;
  • What are two main issues?
    • How to couple system scales? 
    • How to come up with a good choice of parameters (bc there are many!), after choosing the master and slaves?  
  • 1.1 Introduction

  • What are the applied concepts in the saturated zone (3):
    • assume horizontal flow in aquifers (not in MODFLOW)
    • vertical flow in aquitards
    • recharge = net rainfall (not accounting for storage in unsaturated zone)
  • What are the equations and numerics used in the saturated zone (conceptual model)?
    Darcy & Dupuit
    x, y, layers

    Numerics: dx, dy, triangles, dt, FE
  • What are the equations in the UNsaturated zone (conceptual model)?
    Only in
    bc Hsat
    Numerics: dz, dt, FV
  • What are the applied concepts in open water (4)?
    • Cross-section averaged properties
    • Only long waves
    • Constant drainage/infiltration
    • (pseudo-)stationary flow
  • What are the equations in the openw ater (conceptual model)?
    Const drain

    Numerics: L1-LN, dt, FD
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