Summary: Advanced Level Test Questions

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Read the summary and the most important questions on Advanced Level test Questions

  • 1.1 Questions 1-25

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  • 1.1 Why did Jesus speak in parables?1.2 Why does one become an outsider and is unable to receive atonement for his sins if he doesn't understand the parables?1.3 What is made known to us plainly instead of figuratively at the appointed time?1.4 write the 4 types of fields1.5, Write a relevant chapter from Revelation which explains when the harvest takes place for the seed that was sown.

    1. Because it is the secrets of the kingdom of heaven (to hide the ''secrets of the kingdom of heaven'' from the enemies, to fulfill what was promised to the Old Testament prophets)
    2. Because one will not know the actual entities
    3. Fulfilled reality (the actual entities)
    4. The path, rocky, thorny and the good soil
    5. Rv 14
  • It is said in Mt 24, to watch out that no one deceives you, and the deceivers are the false prophets in verse 112.1 Who is this referring to?2.2 When it says nation against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, which nations are they referring to? It is written that many will be deceived; they will be handed over to be persecuted and to be put to death. At that time,2.3. Who are those who are deceived and hand people over?

    1. Pastors of coercive conversion
    2. God's church (nation) and Babylon's church (nation)
    3. Parents and relatives who were deceived
  • 3.1 What is the new covenant that was established with the blood?3.2 What is the difference between the one who keeps the covenant and the one who fails to keep it?3.3 What kind of person keeps the covenant?3.4 When does this take place and who are the ones that keep the new covenant?

    1. Revelation (the events of Revelation)
    2. The one who keeps it: heaven, the one who does not keep it: hell
    3. One who records God's law (Revelation) on their hearts and minds (the one who is sealed)
    4. After the work of betrayal and destruction, the 12 tribes that have been harvested and sealed
  • 4.1 When and4.2 Where was Revelation fulfilled?4.3 Write the 2 chapters where we can find the betrayers, the destroyers and the savior

    1. 1966
    2. The Tabernacle Temple in Gwacheon, at the base of Mt. Cheonggy
    3. Rv 13, Rv 12
  • 5 Write in sequence the brief process of the work of God that is to be fulfilled according to the New Covenant from the beginning of the prophecy to the end of the fulfillment.

    The 7 stars and the tabernacle -> betrayal -> destruction -> harvest -> sealing -> the 12 tribes -> the wedding -> the first resurrection
  • 6.1 Write the 2 verses regarding the place where God, the heavens and Jesus come down upon.6.2 Who are the people who are at this place?6.3. Where is the path to this place?6.4  What happens to the people in this place?6.5 With what have I been re-created according to the promise of the Bible? 

    1. Rv 3:12,  Rv 21:1-3
    2. God's nation and kingdom
    3. Rv2,3 (Explanation: These two chapters are the beginning as well as the entirety of Revelation, and God, Jesus, and heaven must come and one must overcome in order to attain all things)
    4. They live together with the Lord in heaven
    5. Through God's seed and Jesus' blood
  • 7.1 Write the names of the 3 denominations to which the betrayers, the destroyers and the savior belong7.2. Write when and7.3 where (location) these entities appear  

    1. The Tabernacle Temple, Babylon (CCK) the Christian Stewardship Training Center, Shincheonji, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony
    2. At the time of the fulfillment of Revelation
    3. The Tabernacle Temple in Gwacheon
  • The lamb of the Passover, Jesus, made the new covenant through his flesh and blood, and promised that they will not be eaten until it finds fulfillment in the kingdom of God.8.1 Write 4 verses from Revelation, who is able to drink this blood at that time8.2 What kind of work does the pastor, who is the messenger of Jesus sent for the churches in Revelation, do? Write 7 applicable chapters and their contents

    1. Rv 1:5-6, Rv 5:9-10, Rv 7:14, Rv 12:11
    2. Rv 2-3: sends the letter on behalf of Jesus 
    Rv 10: receives and eats the opened scroll that came down from heaven and testifies 
    Rv 11: killed while being the witness who serves the Lord
    Rv 12: fights against the beast and overcomes
    Rv 16: the bowl that judges 
    Rv 19: preparing the weddings supper as the bride of the Lamb
    Rv 22: witnesses all the events of Revelation, messenger who is sent to the churches
  • There are 4 unusual women who appear in Revelation9.1 Write what each of them does and which side they belong to, including the reference chapter.9.2 What brings forth the 3 types of plagues in Revelation9.3 What are the 3 mysteries, and9.4 What is the other mystery?

    1. Rv 2 - Jezebel: Caused people to commit adultery, belongs to the devil
    Rv 12 - The woman clothed with sun, moon, and stars: Gave birth to a child who will rule all the nations, belongs to God
    Rv 17 - The prostitute: Gave birth to the children of the devil, belongs to the devil
    Rv 19 - The bride of the Lamb: Prepares the wedding supper, belongs to God
    2. Seals, trumpets, bowls
    3. The seven stars, the beast with seven heads and ten horns, the seventh trumpet
    4. The name on the forehead of the prostitute, Babylon
  • 11 The pastor who is promised by the Lord appears in the New Testament Revelation just as the Old Testament. Write 7 applicable chapters including the contents.

    Rv 1: appointed by Jesus and receives the command to send letters to the messengers of the 7 churches
    Rv 4: goes up to heaven
    Rv 10: the one who received the words of the opened scroll
    Rv 11: witness who serves the Lord
    Rv 12: fights against the beast and overcomes
    Rv 21: receives God's inheritance
    Rv 22: the messenger who speaks on behalf, sees all the events of Revelation

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