Summary: Advanced Research Methods

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Read the summary and the most important questions on Advanced Research Methods

  • 1 Week 1

  • 1.1 Readings

  • Where do doctors rely on in their decisions according to the article "Evidence Based Management"?

    Obsolete knowledge gained in school
    Patterns gleaned from experience
    The most skilled methods
    The methods the person believes in personally (ideology)
    Information from vendors
    Casual benchmarking
  • What are possible reasons which make it hard to be evidence based?

    There's too much evidence
    There's not enough good evidence
    The evidence doesn't quite apply
    People are trying to mislead you
    You are trying to mislead you
    The side effects outweigh the cure
    Stories are more persuasive, anyway
  • In which ways does ideology different non-evidence based aspects of the business environment/culture?

    - The use and defense of stock options as a compensation strategy for employees (evidence say this doesn't enhance performance)

    - The persistance of the first-mover advantage myth (the first business in an industry doesn't always have an advantage)
  • What is Casual benchmarking?

    Employees/people trying to mimic/compare the actions of top performing people.
  • Wha tis forced ranking of employees in a stacking system?

    Plotting employee performance on a bell curve, being able to divide them in group like "the top 10%".
  • What are reasons that make benchmarking not effective in providing evidence?

    - The causational aspects of the success are hard to determine
    - The conditions between a company and the benchmark company have to be the same
    - Benchmarking doesn't explain why a give practice enhances performance
    - There can be different disadvantages on the short term or in the long run.
  • What are the 4 steps/needs to become an evidence based manager?

    - Demand and facilitate evidence building
    - Examine the logic of conclusions
    - Treat the organization as an unfinished prototype
    - Embrace the attitude of wisdom
  • What are the 6 tips/steps for managers to start acting evidence based?

    1) Stop treating old ideas as new
    2) Be critical of new studies and ideas
    3) Focus on collective development
    4) Emphasize drawbacks as well as deeds
    5) Use stories to illustrate, but not as evidence for research
    6) Adopt a netral stance
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  • Which two reasons are there to talk about research?

    - Helps to execute your own research
    - Helps to critically understand research done by others
  • What are the 5 steps of doing a research?

    1) Formulate research question
    2) Collect relevant knowledge that is already out there
    3) Collect new, additional data
    4) Analyze and interpret
    5) Formulaste the answer to the question

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