Summary: Advanced Service Management | A Alexiev

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Read the summary and the most important questions on Advanced Service Management | A. Alexiev

  • 1 Baines, Lightfout, Benedettini & Kay: the servitization of manufacturing: a review of literature and reflection on future challenges

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  • What is the purpose of the research of Baines et al.?

    The purpose is to report the state-of-the-art of servitization by presenting a clinical review of literature currently available on the topic. The paper aims to define the servitization concept, report on its origin, features and drivers and give examples of its adoption along with future research challenges.
    >>The aim = identify, interpret, and summarize the literature currently available on the topic of servitization.
  • Describe the design, methodology and approach of the study of Baines et al.?

    -In determining the scope of this study, the focus is on articles that are central and relevant to servitization within a wider manufacturing context.
    -The methodology consists of identifying relevant publication databases, researching these using a wide range of key words and phrases associated with servitization, and then fully reviewing each article in turn. The key findings and their implications for research are all described.
  • What are the main findings of Baines et al.?

    Servitization is the innovation of an organisation's capabilities and processes to shift from selling products to selling integrated products and services that deliver value in use. There are a diverse range of servitization examples in the literature. These tend to emphasize the potential to maintain revenue streams and improve profitability.
  • What are the practical implications of the research of Baines et al.?

    Servitization does not represent a panacea (wondermiddel) for manufactures. However, it is a concept of significant potential value, providing routes for companies to move up the value chain and exploit higher value business activities. There is little work to date that can be used to help practitioners.
  • What is the originality/value of the study of Baines et al.

    The paper provides a useful review of servitization and a platform on which to base more-in-dept research into the broader topic of service-led competitive strategy by drawing into the work from other related research communities. (+ this paper is the first summary of previous research regarding this topic)
  • What is servitization? (Baines et al.)

    Servitization, the term coined (bedacht) by Vandermerwe and Rada (1988), is now widely recognized as the process of creating value by adding services to products.
  • Why is there a growing interest regarding servitization by academia, business and government?

    Because of the belief that servitization is a means to create additional value adding capabilities for traditional manufacturers. These integrated product-service offerings are distinctive, long-lived, and easier to defend from competitions based in lower cost economies.
  • What is the difference between servitization and product-service systems (PSS)? (Baines et al.)

    Many of the principals are identical. The differences arises in the motivation and geographical origin of the research communities. PSS is a Scandinavian concept which is closely coupled to the debate on sustainability and the reduction of environmental impact.
  • The product terminology is generally well understood by manufacturers (it is typified by a material artefact). The term services is more contentious. What is the definition of service used in the research of Baines et al.?

    Services are an 'economic activity that does not result in ownership of a tangible asset'.
  • What is the first finding in the review regarding the defintion of servitization? (Baines et al.)

    Servitization is the innovation of an organisations capabilities and processes to better create mutual value through a shift from selling product to selling PSS.
    (= finding 1)

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