General sampling principles

5 important questions on General sampling principles

What is functions of verifying in sampling process?

  • To ensure that production processes run in a desired manner
  • Verifying control in food safety management
  • Corrective action is taken for unacceptable results

What crucial factors must be considered during sampling in food production?

  • Location of sampling
  • How should the sample be taken
  • Optimum sample size
  • Frequency of sampling

What is the location of sampling and function?

  • HACCP schemes are an ideal layout for setting locations of sampling
  • Sampling location provides information about the performance of production 
  • Location decision depend on:
    • Variability of quality at that point
    • Cost of sampling at that point (e.g. Time delay, defect of product)
    • Point where a critical fault can develop

What information does a sampling location provide during in food production?

  • If there is safety/hazard/risk
  • If product quality and safety are between in limits of critical parameters.
  • Where in the productions process there is safety or quality issue
  • Verification of quality and safety

What is optimum sample size and how do make it accurate?

  • Sample size should be a representative value of population
    • too small> might not be accurately determining risk
    • Too large> could be unnecessarily wasting time and money
  • Accurate sample size depends on:
    • Level of sensitivity of measuring instrument
    • Extent of homogeneity of food material
    • Statically consideration
    • How representative the sample of the population

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