Microbiocidal criteria

7 important questions on Microbiocidal criteria

Wie hebben supplychain hebben criteria?

  • Specification for raw material (supplier + buyer)
  • Guideline for correct processing ( Food business operator ( FBO))
  • Regulatory standard (FBO + Authority)

What are the Standards of the "regulatory standard"?

  • Each batch / Fixed frequency
  • Enforceable
  • Final product and / or in the chain
  • Sampling plan defined

What is a specification?

  • Supplier- client
  • eg. Total bacteria < 1000 cfu/g
  • Number of samples , size, limits and method must  be mentioned.
  • Mandatory status in trade

What is the definition of Microbiological Criterion?

A statement or specification that defines the acceptability of a product or a food lot, based on the absence or presence, or number of specified microorganisms including parasites, and/or quantity of their toxins/metabolites, per unit(s) of mass, volume, area, or lot.

What are the three types of sampling plans?

  • Two-class attributes plan
  • Three-class attributes plan
  • Variables plan- not dealt with this course

What is two-class attribute plan?

  • Acceptable or unacceptable
  • n: samples / m: acceptance limit
  • Used with dangerous bacteria
  • c: amount of samples that can be unacceptable.

What is three-class attribute plan?

  • Give a marginal acceptable limit
  • n: samples / m: acceptance limit
  • M: Marginal acceptance limit
  • c: # marginal samples allowed, must stay under limit M

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