Summary All right!. Book cover image

Summary All right!.

- Arne van Diemen, et al
ISBN-10 9034572641 ISBN-13 9789034572646
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A snapshot of the summary - All right!. Author: Arne van Diemen, Aafke Moons, Marcel Lemmens Studio Tween Vincent Nabbe ISBN: 9789034572646

  • 1 my life

  • 1.1 Around the world

  • trip, a trip around the world
  • 1.2 Me and my family

  • watch TV, I watch TV every day
  • language, English is a language
  • letter, a letter from a friend
  • 2 In touch

  • 2.1 Planning the trip

  • a pair of scissors
  • liquid, water is a liquid
  • container, a small container of 100 ml
    flesje/ potje
  • 2.2 Let's pack our bags

  • passenger, a passenger on a train
  • space, i have no space in my bag
  • 2.3 Blush and shame

  • huge, a huge ice cream
    heel groot, enorm
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