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Summary An Introduction To Genetic Analysis

- Anthony J F Griffiths, et al
ISBN-10 1319114776 ISBN-13 9781319114770
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A snapshot of the summary - An Introduction to Genetic Analysis Author: Anthony J F Griffiths John Doebley Catherine Peichel ISBN: 9781319114770

  • 1 The Genetics Revolution

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  • Inheritance theory where Mendel’s genes are located on chromosomes
    Chromosome theory
  • A section of RNA (three nucleotides in length) that encodes a single amino acid.
  • Protein that can make a copy of a single DNA strand by synthesizing a matching strand with the complementary sequence of A’s, C’s, G’s, and T’s.
    DNA polymerase
  • The phenotype shown by a heterozygote.
  • The process of synthesizing two identical copies of a DNA molecule from one original copy
    DNA replication
  • Protein that can join two DNA molecules together end-to-end.
  • A species used in experimental biology with the presumption that what is learned from the analysis of that species will hold true for other species, especially other closely related species.
    Model organism
  • Protein that can cut DNA molecules in specific locations or degrade an entire DNA molecule into single nucleotides.
  • A mutation that alters a single base position in a DNA molecule by converting it to a different base or by the insert/deletion of a single base in a DNA molecule.
    Point mutation
  • The directed modification of a genome by the external application of DNA from a cell of different genotype.

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