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Summary Analysis in Qualitative Research

ISBN-10 1847870074 ISBN-13 9781847870070
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A snapshot of the summary - Analysis in Qualitative Research ISBN: 9781847870070

  • 1 introduction to qualitative research

  • What is the difference between scientific research and other research?
    The questions asked in Scientific research must be related to a theory in some way and the answers need to be found by the use of systematic methods and must be adequatly documented
  • Can qualitative research be fundamental or applied?
    It can be fundamental as well as applied.
  • What are aspects of quantitative research?
    • literature and previously selected theory are used to deduce hypotheses.
    • hypotheses are tested by means of the research
    • Observations
    • standardized measures
    • statistical data
  • what are aspects of qualitative data?
    • literature and theory are used to understand what is going on in the field and discover theoretical concepts.
    • data collection by semi-structured measuring instruments
    • the sample must be representative
    • data analysis by coding and referencing
  • what is a deductive process?
    Theory is the startingpoint for formulating hypotheses that will be tested in research. 
  • what is a inductive process?
    A social phenomenom is explored in order to find empirical patterns that can function as the beginning of theory. 
  • What is a paradigm?
    A framework for thinking about research design, measurement, analysis and personal involvement shared by members of a special area. 
  • What is ontological constructivism?
    Social entities are not pre-given, but humand beings attach meaning to their social reality and that as a result human action should be considered meaningfull.
  • A ..................... can function as the researchers lens through which the researcher views
    the field of research. 
    sensitizing concept
  • what is epistemological interpretivism?
    constructing reality while interpreting the acts of others and the world arround them and grafting their own behaviour on these interpretations. 
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