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Summary Applied Cognitive Psychology

- Applied Cognitive Psychology
- Walker
- 2021 - 2022
- Universiteit Leiden (Universiteit Leiden, Leiden)
- Psychologie
108 Flashcards & Notes
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A snapshot of the summary - Applied Cognitive Psychology

  • 1 Introduction

  • 1.1 PowerPoint week 1

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  • What is the core of the ACP model?
    Outcome = Cognition x Environment
  • 2 Fundamentals of Cognition

  • 2.1 PowerPoint week 2

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  • What does the easy Human Information Processing model look like?
    • Perceptual encoding
    • Centrol processing 
    • Responding   
  • What does the harder Human Information Processing model look like?
    • Sensory register
    • Perception
    • Thought decision making
    • Working Memory
    • Long term memory
    • Attention resoources
    • Response selection
    • Response execution        
  • What are examples of low level phenomena of perception?
    Low level perception: "the neural-based computations building unconscious or self-generated inferences during the processing of sensory events"
    • Hering grid: lateral inhibition in retina
    • Motion-after-effect: adaption to motion
    • Color-after-effect: adaption to colors
  • What is the bottom-up effec based on? And name two examples.
    On saliency (brightness, contrast)
    For example:
    • White flower in green field
    • Alarm
  • What are top-down examples?
    When the information quality is low, top-down influences will be high
    12, I3, 14 vs A I3 C
  • What is Broadbent's Attentional Filter?
    Sensory register -> perception of HMP
    Early selection on attended channel and physical properties (pitch, color, loudness)
  • What are four categories regarding Attention resources?
    • Overt
    • Covert
    • Endogenous (top-down): color-changing card trick, intentional, controlled, conscious, limited
    • Exogenous (bottom-up): traffic signs
      • Visual search
        • Pop-out/Conjunction
    • Attentional Control vs Automatic
  • What is the Working Memory?
    • Short term memory
      • Small capactity (7 +- 2, Miller's Law)
      • Short duration (max. 20 seconds) 
      • Primacy and recency effect
  • What influences the way from working memory to long term memory?
    Interference (stroop)

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