Qualitative and Quantitative Measurement - Nonprobability Sampling

10 important questions on Qualitative and Quantitative Measurement - Nonprobability Sampling

What are nonprobability or nonrandom samples?

In these kinds of samples researchers rarely determine the sample size in advance and have limited knowledge about the larger group or population from which the sample is taken.

What is your primary criteria for selecting cases in convenience sampling?

They are easy to reach, convenient, or readily available.

What are the disadvantages of convenience sampling?

It often produces nonrepresentative samples that seriously misrepresents the population and systematic errors can easily occur.

How does the proces of quota sampling work?

First you identify relevant categories among the population you are sampling to capture diversity among units and than you determine how many cases to get for each category.

What are the disadvantages of quota sampling?

Misrepresentations are possible because convenience sapling is used within the categories and nothing prevents you from selecting people who ''act friendly'' or who want to be interviewed.

In which three situations is purposive sampling the most appropriate?

  1. To select unique cases that are especially informative.
  2. To select members of a difficult-to-reach, specialized population.
  3. To identify particular types of cases for in-depth investigation to gain a deeper understanding of specific types.

What is snowbal sampling (network, chain referral, or reputational sampling)?

A method for identifying and sampling the cases in a network.

What is a sociogram?

A diagram of circles connected with lines which represents a snowball network.

What is deviant case sampling (extreme case sampling)?

When you seek cases that differ from the dominant pattern or have features that differ from the predominant features of most other cases.

What is the goal of deviant case sampling?

To locate a collection of unusual, different, or peculiar cases that are not representative of the whole.

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