Qualitative and Quantitative Measurement - Probability Sampling - Typesof Probability Samples

10 important questions on Qualitative and Quantitative Measurement - Probability Sampling - Typesof Probability Samples

What is a sampling distribution?

It is a distribution of different samples that shows the frequency of different sample outcomes from many separate random samples.

What is the central limit theorem?

It tells us that as the number of different random samples in a sampling distribution increases toward infinity, the pattern of samples and the population parameter become more predictable.

What is a sampling interval?

It tells you how to select elements from a sampling frame by skipping elements in the frame before selecting one for the sample.

What is the advantage of stratified sampling?

You make fewer errors representing the population and have a smaller sampling error with stratified sampling.

Which two problems does cluster sampling adress?

You lack a good sampling frame for a dispersed population and the cost to reach a sampled element is very high.

What is a cluster?

An unit that contains final sampling elements but you can treat it temporarily as a sampling element itself.

How does cluster sampling work?

You randomly sample custers, and then randomly sample elements from withing the selected clusters.

What are two big practical advantages?

  • You can create a good sampling frame of clusters, even if it is impossible for you to create one for sampling elements.
  • For geographically disperse populations the elements iwthin each cluster are physically closer to one another which may produce a savings in locating or reaching each element.

What is probability proportionate to size (PPS)?

Each final sampling element will have an equal probability of being selected.

What is random-digit dialing (RDD)?

A samping technique used in studies in which you contact the public by telephone.

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