Survey Research - Constructing the questionnaire - Questionnaire design issues

8 important questions on Survey Research - Constructing the questionnaire - Questionnaire design issues

What is an appropriate length of a survey or questionnaire?

For a telephone interview 5-20 minutes.
For a mail questionnaire about three to four pages.
Face-to-face interviews can last up to a hour.

In which two ways can a previous question influence the later ones?

Through content and through the respondent's response.

What is a funnel sequence?

Ask more general questions before specific ones.

What is context effect?

A difference by topic order. It should remind you to always keep the respondent's point of view in mind and strive for unambiguous, clear meaning in survey questions.

What improves accuracy and completeness and helps the questionnaire flow?

A proffesional appearance with high-quality graphics, space between questions, and good layout.

What is a matrix question?

A compact way to present a series of questions using the same response categories.

What is the problem with nonresponse?

If a high proportion of the sampled respondents do not respond, researchers may not be able to generalize results, especially if those who do not repond differ from those who do respond.

What are 10 ways to increase mail questionnaire response?

  1. Address the questionnaire to a specific person.
  2. Include a carefully written, dated cover letter on letterhead stationery.
  3. Always include a postage-paid, addressed returrn envelope.
  4. The questionnaire should have a neat, attractive layout and reasonable page length.
  5. Professionally printed and easy to read, whith clear instructions.
  6. Two follow-up reminder letters to those not responding.
  7. Do not send questionnaires during major holiday periods.
  8. Do not put questions on the back page.
  9. Sponsors that are local and are seen as legitimate get a better response.
  10. Include a small monetary inducement if possible.

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