Doing Social Research - Dimensions of Research - Use of Research

7 important questions on Doing Social Research - Dimensions of Research - Use of Research

What are the two primary uses of study findings?

  • To advance understanding of the fundamental nature of social life and knowledge over the long term.
  • To apply study results to solve specific, immediate problems or issues.

What is basic social research? Name one advantage and one disadvantage.

Fundamental knowledge about the social world.
  • Advantage: it is the source of most tools, methods, theories and ideas we have about the underlying causes of how people act or think.
  • Disadvantage: results lack an immediate, practival application, they consider basic research to be a waste of time and money.  

Who are the major consumers of applied research?

Practioners and consumers.

Why do political en ethical conflicts frequently arise in evaluation research?

Because of opposing interests in findings.

What are limitations of evaluation research?

  • Research reports rarely go through a peer review process.
  • Data are infrequently publicly available for others to inspect or learn from.
  • Focus is often very narrow.
  • Decision makers may selectively use to suit their purposes or ignore evaluation findings with which they disagree.

5 characteristics of action research:

  1. Actively involving research participants in the research process.
  2. Incorporate the everyday experiences and knowledge of ordinary people into the study.
  3. Examine issues of exploitation, oppression, power, or inequality in the study.
  4. Seek to raise consciousness and increase awareness of issues with the study.
  5. Directly link the study to a plan or program of social-political action. 

What doe researchers who conduct SIA's doe?

THey examine a wide range of social outcomes and work in an interdisciplinary research team.

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