Qualitative and Quantitative Measurement - Scales - Commonly used scales

9 important questions on Qualitative and Quantitative Measurement - Scales - Commonly used scales

What is the concequence of the LIkert scale only using two choices?

It creates a crude measure and forces distinctions into only two categories.

What is the response set / style / bias?

The tendency of some people to answer a large number of items in the same way out of laziness or a psychological predisposition.

What are two limitations of the Likert scale?

Different combinations of several scale items can result in the same overall score or result, and the response set is a potential danger.

What is the bogardus social distance scale?

It measures the social distance separating ethnic or other groups from each other.

What are two limitations of the social distance scale?

A researcher needs to tailor the categories to a specific out-group and social setting and it is not easy for a researcher to compare how a respondent feels toward several different groups unless the respondent completes a similar social distance scale for all out-groups at the same time.

What is semantic differential?

It provides an indirect measure of how a person feels about a concept, object, or other person. The technique measures subjective feelings toward something by using adjectives.

What are three major classes of meaning?

  • Evaluation (good-bad)
  • Potency (strong-weak)
  • Activity (active-passive)

How does Guttman scaling work?

  • Measuring a set of indicators or items
  • Measures many different phenomena
  • Indicators are usually measured in a simple yes/no or present/absent fasion.

What is scalogram analysis?

It lets you test whether a hierarchical relationship exists among the items.

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