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Summary bible course

- bible course
- mrs.whitman
- 2017 - 2018
- luoa
- bible course
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A snapshot of the summary - bible course

  • week 1 quiz

  • the Hebrew Bible is arranged into three main sections, what are those three section?.
    • writing
    • law
    • prophets
  • the three most famous kings from thourought Hebrews monarchy are...
    • solomon
    • saul
    • David
  • identify four myths about the old testament
    • the ot is insignificant
    • the ot is inconsistent with the nt
    • the ot is too difficult to understand
    • the ot is outdated
  • the massoretes also had strict guidelines on how they copied the scripture identify three below.
    • if a copy did not completely agree with the original it was destroyed
    • they knew the number of times each letter appeared in each book
    • counted the number of words and letters in each book and also calculated each middle word and each middle letter
  • the Talmudists had strict guidelines related to how they copied old testament scriptures.identify 6 below.
    • each line had to be thirty letters long
    • the ink had to be black and made in a very specific way
    • each page of the codex had to have the same number of columns
    • the copier had to wear specific clothes and bath a specific way
    • if the king addressed the copier while he was writing the word God he was to ignore the king.
    • nothing, not even a part of a letter could be written from memory
  • unlike jews why do Christians not celebrate the Passover?
    because Jesus is the Passover lamb, he can be celebrated the every day.
  • to what percentage do old testament books resemble the dead sea scrolls?
  • how could each Israelite family avoid the 10th plague?
    by putting lambs blood on their front door
  • how many times is the old testament quoted in the new testament?
    +1600 times
  • when Israel kingdom split into half what were they called?
    northern kingdom and southern kingdom
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