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Summary BRICKS History

- Kris vd Heijkant, et al
ISBN-13 9789461713780
207 Flashcards & Notes
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A snapshot of the summary - BRICKS History Author: Kris vd Heijkant, Jim van Mourik, Niels van der Werf, Richard Zuiderveld ISBN: 9789461713780

  • 1 The First World War

  • 1.1 The Armed Peace

  • Why is the belle époque also called the armed peace?
    Under the layer of plendour, countries were preparing for war, they made allies, built up their armies & germany and france hated each other
  • Why did Germany want more colonies?
    The emperor dreamed of a German place under the sun, he believed germany would be the most powerful if she had colonies.
  • Why did britain keep a close eye on germany after they heard about the expanding of its fleet?
    Britain had the biggest fleet of the world and wasnt willing to give up its power & thought germany was preparing an attack
  • What ia an arms race?
    A competition between nations to build more and stronger weapons than their enemies
  • What problem did germany have when it heard about the alliance between France & Russia?
    Germany would have to fight a 2 front war
  • What was germany's strategy against this problem called? How would they fight the war?
    The schlieffen plan, german army would be transported by trains through belgium to the westhern front, defeat the french, and transported to the easthern front to fight the Russians
  • For what did the germans think they could use the netherlands?
    As a neutral port
  • Why was the Balkan area called 'the powder keg of europe'?
    There was a lot of tension in this area, if one thing would go wrong everything would explode and probably result in the war.
  • 1.2 Europe goes to war

  • What happened during the battle of Marne?
    The advance of the German troops through France was halted
  • why did the battle on the western front result in a trench war?
    Because the armies on both sides were equally strong, they both were unable to move forward so they dug themselves in, which created the trenches
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