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  • 1 Explorers and conquerers

  • 1.1 The Renaissance

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  • Why was the Renaissance started in Italy?

    In the late Middle Ages (11-15th c) Italian cities flourished and became rich and powerful city states through trade. These rich merchants, bankers and civilians were also intrested in the remains of the Roman ancestors living in Italy during antiquity.
  • Why did refugees, like scholars, scientists, poets, astronomers and artists, from Constantinople bring their knowledge to the Italian city states?

    They fled as refugees because of the conquering of Constantinople by the Ottaman sultan Memhed II.
  • Why did the people in the Middle Ages saw life as a test?

    All those people had a worldview. They believed that God decides if they earn a place in heaven or not. Because of this they feared death.
  • What new worldview started in the Renaissance?

    Scholars started to read ancient texts and by this they started to focus on the ability of humans to think for themselves. They became less influenced by the church and their new motto became carpe diem (seize the day).
  • What was the impact of the motto carpe diem?

    Enjoying life by fancy clothing, elaborate parties, hiring architects and artist to make beautiful paintings, sculptures and buildings.
  • What influence did the new worldview in the Renaissance have on artists?

    In the Middle Ages artists where seen as craftsmen and all art was commissioned by churchs. In the Renaissance they were seen as artists, hired by rich people (bankers, merchants) for decorating or to make building plans. Their art became more realistic and it dazzled with colours and depths, and they became more connected to their work.
  • Why was Portugal the first land to make serious attempts to discover a sea route to Asia?

    Because Prince Henry went to the Portugese king and told him it was a good idea to search for searoutes so they could get spices and other things.
  • What are the characteristics of Renaissance art?

    Subjects of artworks shifted from biblical themes to antiquity scences. Remains of ancient buildings were presented in their works. Artworks were as realistic as possible. Statues of Greek and Romans philosophers and heroes became popular. And artworks focused more on individuals.
  • Why did the printing press had influence on the spread of the Renaissance?

    Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press (in aprox. 1450) so books could be copied faster, enabling knowledge to be spread faster. The inhabitants of other European countries got in contact with The Renaissance of Italy because of these books that were spreaded. These books inspired merchants and adventures to learn more about the world.
  • Why was trading so expensive?

    Because all the people involved in the trading process want to make profit of it. The second person needs to ask more than he has paid to the first person, if he wants to make some money while selling it to the third person.
PLEASE KNOW!!! There are just 82 flashcards and notes available for this material. This summary might not be complete. Please search similar or other summaries.

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