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Study Cards on bbc, papers, press

Explain the difference between tabloids and broadsheets, and give several examples of each
broadsheets are quality papers for better educated readers. The tabloids are for the rest. Tabloids have more photographs, larger headers and are written in simpler English. Their stories concentrate on human intereset, sex and scandal. The broadsheets have much print, less sensation, many  articles on politics, world news, The Guardian, The Times and The Independent are quality papers, The Daily Mail and The Sun are tabloids. Sunday papers: the News of the World, Sunday Mail. 
What is the difference between broadsheets and tabloids (circulation, size, layout,
and content)?
Broadsheets refers to the most common newspaper format, which, if you’re measuring the front page, is typically around 15 inches wide to 20 or more inches long in the US. Broadsheets are larger. Broadsheet papers are usually six columns across. Tabloid is a newspaper with a compact page size smaller than broadsheet. There is no standard size for this newspaper format. The term Tabloid journalism refers to an emphasis on such topics as sensational crime stories, astrology, celeb gossip and television, and is not a reference to newspapers printed in this format.

there are papers that appear every day and papers that appear just one day in the week, what kind op papers are they?

Dailies and Sunday papers

Mention four Sunday papers that have very high circulations.
Sun on Sunday, Mail on Sunday, Sunday Mirror, Sunday Express
What is the Press Complaints Commission
That is the commission where you can file your complaint if you feel your privacy has been invaded by the press. It is made up of newspaper editors and journalists, so not very trustworthy.

Explain this statement: 'The British press regulates itself by following a Code of Practice.'

This refers to the PCC, the Press Control Commission, which is made up from newspaper editors and jounalists and therefore regulates itself

What is the political bias of: The Daily Mirror
Left of centre

name two concerns with regard to the British newspapers, especially de tabloids

There contents is (too) shallow (trivial) and they invade the privacy of people, trying to dig up people's secrets. Privacy is a very important commodity in GB. 

Who runs the British press?
A rather small numbers of extremely large multinational companies like Rupert Murdoch.
Mention some well-known British magazines.
Women's interest magazines such as Home and Garden, Country Home and  Good Food and publications such as The Economist, Time and Newsweek.
Why did the British press establish the Independent Press Standards Organisation(IPSO) in September 2014?
It was established following the windup of the press complaints commision, which had been the main industry regulator of the press in the UK since 1990. the PCC received extensive critism for its lack of action the news international phone hacking scandal, including Mps and Prime Minister David Cameron, who called for it to be replaced with a new system in July 2011.
What and where is Broadcasting House?
It's the headquaters of the BBC in central London.
How does the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) differ from Independent Television (ITV) and Channel 4?
The BBC does not have advertisements, you have to pay a licence fee. The other channels are paid for through advertisements
Mention three ways in which the BBC is dependent on the government.
The Government appoints the BBC’s board of directors. The Government has the right to veto any BBC programme before it is transmitted. The Government had the right to take away the BBC’s licence to broadcast. The Government decides how much money the BBC gets (licence fee).
Name the five main TV channels in the UK
BBC1, 2, ITV, Channel 4 and Five
Explain the difference in funding between the BBC and ITV.
BBC is paid by the specators, they pay an annual license fee. TTV gets its money by advertisements.
Mention the two best-known English soaps
EastEnders and Coronation Street

Who was John Reith

He was the Director of  the BBC Radio . He was idealistic; he wanted to use Radio to educate the people. Indepencency was  his other cornerstone 

How important are the British newspapers?
They are very important. In the early 1990s, the only shops which were allowed open on Sundays were the newsagents. The other popular aspect was the morning 'paper round' in which a teenager gets up early to deliver newspapers to the doors to earn a bit of money. 
Are the Sunday papers thicker or thinner than the dailies?
thicker, they can have up to 200 pages.
What are page-three-girls? 
Women who pose for The Sun almost-naked. It is an excuse for them to put some more pictures in the newspaper.
What has led to discussion? 
The emphasis on revealing private details has led to discussion about the possible need to restrict the freedom of press, because the press has found itself in another conflict; the right of privacy. The press has been able to oppose the public's 'right to know'.
What is the difference between the ITV and the ITN?
The ITV (= Independent Television) gets its money from advertisers. It is a network of commercial companies, each of which is responsible for programming in different parts of the country.

The ITN (= Independent Television News) is a separate company. It has always been protected from commercial influence. There is no significant difference between the style of ITN news and BBC news. 
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