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Study Cards on britain, people, british

Linguistically, what is Scots most closely related to?
Linguistically, what is Welsh most closely related to?
Which of these, Cornish - Welsh - Scots, is used most often in public life?
With which country is haggis especially associated?
Who was Owain Glyndwr and with which country is he associated?
In the first years of the 15th century, he captured all the castles which the English had built to help them rule in Wales, and established an independent Wales with his own Parliament. He was defeated. In 2000, the Welsh national assembly helped to organize countrywide celebrations to mark the six hundredth anniversary of Glyndwr's revolt. 
From which immigrant community to Britain has bhangra emerged?
What are surnames with two parts usually called?
What proportion of children are born outside marriage in modern Britain?
About 40%.
With which part of Britain is the English accent with the highest status associated?
England generally.
Among British people, which of these personal qualities, beauty - humour - intelligence, is generally valued the most?
Describe the Black Caribbeans.
Their wave of immigration began in 1948 with 500 Jamaicans and Trinidadians. They fought for Britain in WW II. In the next 14 years, they mostly took low-paid jobs, for example in the public transport. After 1962, immigration of the Caribbeans slowed down, but were significant until the 1970s.

Today, they often take pride in their cultural roots. This pride seems to be increasing as their cultural practices, their everyday habits and attitudes, gradually become less distinctive.
What are the similarities between the English and Caribbeans and what have they brought to England?
  • Same proportion of Christian and non-religious people.
  • The distinctive language variety, known as creole or patwa, stands in the same relation to English as Scots does.

  • Several forms of Caribbean music have taken root in Britain and have had an influence beyond the Caribbean community. The Notting Hill Carnival was started by the Caribbean immigrants.
Do the people in the UK have a strong geographical identity?
No, it's usually weak. People feel more connection to a city or sometimes to a county (like Cornwall or Yorkshire)
How do British people keep social and everyday contacts?
Through pubs and working man's clubs and sports clubs. This type of contact is very important to them, as is their work, which provides them  a sense of identity and is also a good way of making social contact.
The British give a high/medium/low importance to the everyday personal contacts.
a high importance.
Do religion and politics go together in Britain? Any exceptions? 
No they do not. Neither politics nor religion is an important part of a person's social identity in modern Britain. There are many people who belong to a certain religion, church or party and this may form an important part of their own idea of themselves but it plays little part in other aspects of their life such as work, friends or marriage.  Exeptions are: northern Ireland, some people in Scotland and the Islamic community.
What did the British think of the suggestion of the government about a British national day?
They said that only younger, less stable nations need such a day of flag-waving rubbish.
Which personal qualities do British people find important?
Above all: a good sense of humour. Preferably jokes should be at your own expense. Self deprication (self irony) is very British. Other qualities: bravery in the face of misfortune (sometimes known as 'the stiff upper lip') and modesty.
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