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Study Cards on church, anglican, religion

The Bible translation of 1611 is known as the Authorised Version or the 

King James Bible.


What is the name of the British most common Bible

King  James  Bible 

What is the established church in England?
The Church of England is the anglican Christian state of church of England, headed by archbishop Justin Welby. Seated in Londen, Engeland, governed by Queen Elizzabeth the second, it operates as the mother of church of the international anglican communion. It dates its formal establisment to the 6th century Gregorian mission in Kent led by Augustine of Canterbury, with considerable features introduced and established during the English Reformation of the 16th century

Does religion play an important role in British politics? Any exeptions/

 No . In Britain a person's religion has almost no political significance and there is no recognisable political pressure group in the country which is based on a particular religious ideology.   Having a certain religious believe does not influence the way one votes. The exeptions to this are the Muslims in Britain and the people in Northern Ireland.


Would you call Britian a religious country? 

No it is almost a secular country, few Brits attend religious services  on a regular basis and missionairies from Africa come to England to spread the Wordm, whereas long ago British evangelist travelled to Africa to convert. However there is no important anti movement. 


Does religion play an important role in British Politics? Are there any exceptions?

No, people are free to believe or not to believe. The one exception is Northern Ireland 

There are some traces left of the importance of religion in the past; 26 senior Anglican  bishops are members of the House of Lords. It is stipulated by law that the monarch cannot be a catholic. 

Name the two archbishops of the Church of England
Justin Portal Welby, archbishop of Canterbury. John Tucker Mugabi Sentamu, archbishop of York

What is an established church?

That is an religion that is appointed an official religion in a country by law.

In what sense does a Catholic priest differ from an Anglican priest?
An anglican priest are allowed to marry while roman catholic priest are required to stay celibate.
Secondly, in many parts of the anglican communion, woman can become priests. This is not possible at present within the roman Catholic church
What are the influences of religion on British politics?
A secular government is the only way of ensuring that every citizen is treated equally. Claims by religious leaders that christianity is being sidelined or excluded from public life conveniently, ignore the facts that one in three schools is a faith school, that there are 26 unelected bishops in the house of lords and that religion get special tax exemptions, among other things.

Who is the head of the established churches

It's the monarch. He is also the religious leader of the Church of England. The religious leader of the Church of Scotland is the Archbishop of Canterbury, who is appointed by the Government

What is the established Church of Scotland and who is head of this church?
The church of Scotland, know informally by its Scots language name, the kirk, is the national church of Scotland. Protestant and presbyterian, its longstanding decision to respect liberty of opinion on matters not affecting the substance of the faith means it is relatively tolerant of a variety of theological positions, including those who would term themselves conservative and liberal in their doctrine, ethics and interpretation of scripture. The committee elected to nominate the moderator has chosen Rev DR Martin Fair as the next moderator of the general assembly 2020-2021

What are the thirty nine articles?

The text in the thirty nine articles is the basis of the Anglican religion 

Explain the sentence: ‘The Anglican Church was disestablished in Wales’.
The church in Wales is the anglican church in Wales, composed of sic dioceses. It defines itself as the ancient church of the land, catholic and reformed. It proclaims and holds fast doctrine and ministry of the one, holy and apostolic church. Unlike the church of England, the church of wales is not an establised church. Disestablisment was effected in 1920 under the welch church act 1914

Explain the terms low church and high church

Low church and High church are two main strands of believe in the anglican church, which is a very broad church. 

Low church places great emphasis on the text of the Bible, have austere  services and reject Catholicism with its pope and the hierarchical organization of the Catholic church. High church is Anglo-catholic, with much more colourful ceremonies that are almost identical to the catholic church, but of course they do not accept the Pope as their authority. 


Can an Anglican priest be married?


What is the Presbyterian Church
That's the calvinist tradition which places great importance on the words of the bible, living an austere life full of hard work and self- sacrifice. simplicity and prayer (teetotal) dislike of worldy pleasures

name a few other non-conformist religions

Methodist, Baptists and Quackers

What are New Age beliefs
A large range of beliefs which have elements of all kinds of religions and traditions. They all share an emphasis on personal development and respect for the natural environment

Who is the official head of these two churches?

The reigning monarch is.


Can the British monarch be a Catholic? Why (not) ?

No, because he or she is official head of the Established Churches, neither of which are Catholic.


What role did catholisism play over the centuries and nowadays in Britain?

After the establishment of the  Anglican Church and later Protestantism, Catholisism for a time was illegal and then barely tolerated. In modern Britain a large proportion of Catholics have family whose roots are from Italy, Poland and ofcourse Ireland. There are many Irish priests in Britain. Catholics take their doctrine and practice more seriously than Anglicans do.

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