Country and peolple - National loyalties

4 important questions on Country and peolple - National loyalties

What ethnic groups live in Britain?

white British(88.6 %); white other(2.4%); Asian Indian, Pakistani andBangladeshi (4.3%) Black Caribean 1.0%)

A surname beginning with "mac" or "mc" is from...

Scotland or Ireland

What is meant by 'crossover' of loyalties?

Depending on the situation or circumstance people refer to themselves as being either British (nationality) or country of descendence like English, Welsh or Scottish or from the Est Indies when it concerns sports like cricket or soccer.

Name the British flag and explain the combination of crosses.

The flag is called: 'The Union Jack'and consists of a combination of the cross of St George for England (red cross), the cross of St. Andrew (white cross in blue background) for Scotland and the cross of St. Patric (red cross, oblique) for Ireland.


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