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Study Cards on dutch, state, help

What is a welfare state?

In a welfare state it is part of the job of the government to help any citizen in need. This help is usually given through direct payments of government money, such as income support when you are unemployed or old-age pension.

Explain the difference between welfare and welvaart in Dutch, the Dutch word for welfare state is……….
The Dutch word for welfare state is verzorgingsstaat. Welvaart means prosperity. Welfare means care ‘look after them from cradle to grave’
What is ‘the dole’? Dutch equivalent?
Being on the dole means you are unemployed and you receive a 'jobseekers allowance' from the state. The Dutch equivalent is WW
Mention the three main items of the benefit system.
State pension, housing benefit, disability living allowance, pension credit, income support and rent rebates.
What people can apply for income support?
Unemployed who have no savings and are not eligible for a jobseeker's  allowance or pension because they have nog paid enough national insurance contributions (bijstand)
What is meant by dole money?
In the UK, unemployment benefit has been known by the slang term ‘ the dole’ since WW1. This derives from the ‘doling out’ that is, handing out of charitable gifts of food or money. This dates back to at least 1919 when it was recorded in the daily mail.
Mention some state benefits. Also give the Dutch equivalents
child benefit, sickness benefit, maturnity benefit: kinderbijslag, wao, zwangerschapsuitkering
What are the English equivalents of: AOW
Old Age pension. State persion.
What are the English equivalents of: Kinderbijslag
Child benefit
What are the English equivalents of: huursubsidie
Housing benefit

What is 'meals-on wheels' ?  Dutch equivalent?

It is a system whereby food is cooked and distributed to the homes of people who cannot cook for themselves. Dutch equivalent: 'Tafeltje Dekje' 


What is the Citizens Advice Bureau?

It is a service that has a network of offices throughout  the country offering free information and advice. It is run by state authorities with the help of volunteers.

What are the English equivalents of: Tafeltje-dek-je
Meals on wheels
1.         Mention some well-known British charities?

The Samaritans; free counselling by phone for people in despair.
Salvation Army: grew out of missionary work; offers help to the most  needy e.g. overnight accomodation, food, clothes etc.
Barnardo's: helps children in need
The Samaritans; free counselling by phone for people in despair.
Salvation Arm: grew out of missionary work; offers help to the most  needy e.g. overnight accomodation, food, clothes etc.

Mention some well-known British charities.

The Samaritans: an organisation that offers free counselling by phone, with anonymity guaranteed, to anybody who is in despair. dr. Barnardo's : founded in the nineteenth century, it used to provide homes for orphaned children and still helps children in need. The Salvation Army: offers various kinds of help to the most desperate and needy, for example, overnight accommodation in hostels for the homeless.  MENCAP and MIND: two charities which help the mentally handicapped and campaign on their behalf.

What are the English equivalents of: huisarts
A general practitioner (GP)

What is the NHS and what is the basic difference to its Dutch counterpart?

The NHS is the National Health Service. It is the publicly funded healthcare system of England. It is primarily funded through the general taxation system. All medical help people get is free of charge. In the Dutch system medical help is not funded through taxes, but through insurance companies. Dutch people also have to pay a small amount of the costs themselves (eigen risico)

How do the NHS and BUPA relate to each other
NHS is from the state, BUPA is the largest private medical scheme. Private medical scheme is expensive but they have no waiting lists  and you have more choices, for instance which hospital you want to go to or when you want to be operated etc.
What are the English equivalents of: zorgverzekering
Health Care (NHS). The National Health Service.
What is the emergency telephone number in Britain
Mention three famous charities and explain their targets.
The Salvation Army is a christian church and international charitable organisation structured in a quasi-military fashion. They help homeless people.
Oxfam is an international confederation of charitable organisations focused on the alleviation of global poverty.
Barnado is a British charity founded by Thomas John Barnardo in 1866, to care for vulnerable children and young people.

Why have many hospitals become trusts?

because it gives them more managerial and financial freedom.


How is the NHS financed and what do you have to do to get into the system?
It’s funded by general taxation and national insurance contributions, plus small amounts from patients charges for some services. You don’t have to get into a system.
Explain why so many people want to have private medical insurance.
You can get treatment at your convenience. You can bypass lengthy NHS waiting lists and choose which private hospital or ward you are treated at and choose which specialist consultant treats you
What does it mean if a hospital or a GP ‘opts out’?
That means they’re are no longger part of the NHS system

what is Harley street in London famous for?

It is the street where many hospital consultants (who have very high prestige in Britain) have their private practices (and earn big money treating private patients). Having a practice in Harley street means the doctor is of the very highest quality.

Who was Florence Nightingale?
Lady with the lamp. She founded modern nursing
What is the special position of hospital consultants and what is their connection with Harley Street?
Most consultants work on a long-term contract with one or more hospital trusts, and these posts are know as substantive consultant positions. Their connection; there are more than 3000 people employed in the harley street area, in clinics, medical and paramedical practices and hospitals.
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