Identity - The family

3 important questions on Identity - The family

Discuss the weak family identiy in England. Provide evidence for your comments.

Family identity is rather weak. The notion of family has a low profile. Family gatherings beyond the household are rare (confined to weddings and christmas). It is also reflected in the size and composition of households: usually just two generations. Many people live alone. There are many 'single-parent households', (divorce rate is 40%) but 85% of the children live with their two parents.

Describe the family in Britain.

Family identity is rather weak and the notion of family has a generally low profile. The only large family gatherings take place during the holidays, such as Christmas. The family unit is still the basic living arrangement for most people, this is reflected in the size and composition of households. 

40% of births happened outside of marriage. There is much talk in Britain of single-parent-families as a social problem, but in fact 85% of children are born to parents who, are living together. They are simply not married. 

Are family events attended by large gatherings of people or not?

No, there small groups of people.

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