Elections - Recent results and the future

5 important questions on Elections - Recent results and the future

How were the results of elections divided over Britain in the old days and up to 1997?

In the old days Labour was supported by the north of England and most of the inner areas of the cities (industry etc.) The conservatives were supported by the the south of England and most of the areas outside the inner cities. The south west of England is more Liberal Democrats. Scotland and Wales are mostly Conservative. Hereby the majority was often won by the Conservatives between 1945 and 1992. It was suggested this was because Britain had developed a 'middle class society' in stead of a 'working class society'.


Which two areas are mostly Labour party voters?

North England and inner areas of cities

What happened in 1997 with the results of elections?

Labour won the largest majority achieved  by any party for 73 years and the conservative share of the total vote was its lowest for 165 years. This was due to the fact that voting was no longer based on class loyalties (working class for Labour and middle class for Conservatives) and also it was the achievement of Labour leader Tony Blair.

Which areas do usually decide who wins in an election?

the suburbs and the big towns

What is a By-election?

Its an special election held whenever a sitting MP can no longer fulfill his or her duties. This election is held in this MP's constituancy. They can take place any time and are regarded as indicators of the present level of popularity of the government. A by-election provides the parties with an opportunity to find a seat in parliament for one of their important people.


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