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Study Cards on monarch, windsor, palace

What are the old and new family names of the present royal family?

The old name was  Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, but king George V thought during the first World War, this sounded too German so he changed it to Windsor. They are now known as the house of Windsor.

Who does the monarch normally choose as Prime Minister?
the leader of the strongest party
When somebody commits a crime in Britain, who or what, legally speaking, have the committed a crime against?
the Crown
Which of the following is not a royal residence and why not? Buckingham Palace, The Palace of Westminster, Windsor Caslte?
The Palace of Westminister, because that is for the parliament
Who is presently next in line to be the monarch in Britain?
Prince Charles
The seat on which a monarch sits (it is used to symbolize the position of monarch)
The person who will become monarch after the present monarch dies?
heir to the throne
Resign from the position as monarch
The crime of plotting to overthrow the state
The swearing of loyalty (to a monarch, a flag, a country, etc.)
oath of allegiance
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