Political life - The Public attitude to politics

5 important questions on Political life - The Public attitude to politics

Describe the general British attitude towards politicians

People in England are cynical and suspicious about politicians because of the endless scandals in the tabloids. They expect them to be dishonest but not down right fraudulent. People are generally quite ignorant of who politicians are, they do not know many names of MP's or government members. Politics is regarded as a boring topic of conversation and seen as a necessary evil. Also politicians should not get too many big ideas about themselves.


Describe the attitude of the British towards politicians.

Politicians do not have a good reputation with the British people, but it is not that they hate their politicians, they just regard them with suspicion. People are not really shocked when the government is caught lying. On the other hand, they would be very shocked if it was discovered that the government was doing anything definitely illegal.

Why do the British lack enthusiasm for politics?

Because government have never been extreme, so the feeling of confidence in the stability and workability of the systems remains.

Was this attitude towards British politicians the same as in the past?

No, it was a maxim that nobody should mention politics or religion in polite conversation. If anybody did, there was a danger that the conversation would become too heated and that people would become violent.

Why do politicians never say they are keen to do the job?

A politician who says he wants to be PM seems dangerously keen on power.

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