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Study Cards on sport, sports, rugby

Why is sport seen as a national passion in Britain?
Sports probably plays a more important part in people’s lives in Britain than it does in most other countries. For a very large number, and this is especially true for men, it is their main form of entertainment.
Explain the expression ‘Gentlemen and players’.
It was a first-class cricket match generally held in England twice or more a year for well over a century. It was held between teams consisting of amateurs (the gentlemen) and professionals (the players. The difference between the two was defined by the english class structure of the time, with the players deemed to be working class wage-earners and the Gentlemen members of the middle and upper classes, usually products of the english public school system.
Why is Wimbledon more than a tennis tournament? 
It means summer fashions, strawberries and ice cream, garden parties, and long, English summer evenings.
What is the social importance of sport?
Boosting participation in sport can generate a variety of socio-economic benefits. Sports can, and does, make a profound and positive impact on individuals, communities and wider society.
What ate Test Matches
international cricket matches
How can cricket be rewarded as the English national game?
It is the national sport in a symbolic sense. It symbolises a way of life; slow, peaceful, rural way of life. 
With which sport are the following terms associated: The Ashes
The Ashes is a test cricket series played between England and Australia. The Ashes are regarded as being held by the team that most recently won the Test series.

What are all-seater stadiums? And the terraces?

All-seater stadiums are stadiums that only have seats for the spectators and no places to watch the games while standing.The terraces were the (cheap) standing places behind the goals. Due to several disasters at football matches in the last few years of the twentieth century, in old uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous stadiums, all grounds were obliged to become all-seater stadiums.  It was argued that being seated would make fans more well behaved and safer.

With which sport are the following terms associated: The Calcutta Cup
The Calcutta Cub is a rugby union trophy awarded to the winner of the annual six nation championship match between England and Scotland. It is currently England’s since the 2009 six nations championship

Compare rugby union with rugby league.

Rugby union is is older, until recent years remained strictly amateur and was seen as a middle class sport. Rugby league split off from rugby union at the end of the nineteenth century as a sport for the miners and factory workers in northern England to make a little bit of money. It was then known as a working class sport. Nowadays rugby union has become popular to a wider audience and less exclusively middle class. It is also a professional sport now, so the differences between the two rugbies have faded.


What is the true national game of Britain


With which sport are the following terms associated: The Triple Crown
In rugby union, the triple crown is an honour contested annually by the so-called home nations. i.e England, Ireland, Scotland and Whales who compete within the larger six nations championship. If any one of these teams defeats all three other teams, they win the triple crown.
Where do the following expressions come from: On the ropes
Doing badly and likely to fail. His political career is on the ropes. Etymology: from the idea of a weakened prize fighter who leans against the ropes surround the boxing ring
1.         Name the sports which are linked with the following sporting venues: Wembley, Lord’s, Brands Hatch, Epsom, Twickenham, Ascot The Oval, Silverstone.
Wembley =football ; Lord’s= cricket, Brands Hatch: motor sports , Epsom: Horse racing, Twickenham: Rugby;  Ascot: horse racing, The Oval: Cricket;  Silverstone: motor sports
Where do the following expressions come from: Stumped
The part of a tree trunk left protruding from the ground after the tree has fallen or has been felled. A part, as of a branch, limp, or tooth, remaining after the main part has been cut away, broken off or worn down.
A level playing fields.
A situation where neither side in a contest starts with an advantage over the other.
Where do the following expressions come from: First past the post
Is a voting system in which voters are required to indicate on the ballot of the candidate of their choice, and the candidate who recevies more votes than any other candidate wins. Wining a race by being the first to reach the finishing line.
What is the difference between shooting and hunting
shooting: killing birds with guns
hunting for foxes
Why is the British nation considered as a nation of gamblers?
The British will gamble and bet on practically anything, the weather, snow on Christmas day etc.
What are turf accountants
they are bookmakers in horse racing
Why do most sport originate in Britain?
The public schools of the Victorian era believed that organized competitive games carried many psychological benefits.
What traditions accompany Wimbledon? (4)
1. Summer fashion
2. Strawberries with cream
3. Garden parties
4. Warm English evenings
What traditions accompany Football Cup Wembley? (2)
1. Traditional events
2. Community singing
How long does a professional cricket match takes?
max. 6 hours a day, for several days.
(sports) To have a bit between the teeth
to be determined
(sports) To be given free rein
be allowed to do exactly what one wants, without restrictions
Which 2 sports are popular but not team sports?
1. boxing
2. motor sports
... = contestants try to outrun each other from a steep hill in Gloucestershire. Lots of people get hurt during this chase.
Cheese Chasers of Brockworth
Most popular form of gambling
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