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Study Cards on transport, road, london

What is ‘housing blight’?
That's is the phenomenon that houses lose value when for instance a road is built near by.
More than 80% of these journeys are made by private road transport, leading to (2)
1. Traffic congestions
2. Pollution
Why do you think the government said that public transport should pay for itself during the 1980s?
Because of the conservative government of Margaret Thatcher started a programme of deregulation and privatisation after the general election of 1979. These included express coach (transport act 1980)
What role do environmental groups play in public transport?
As the amount of traffic has increased so have the negative consequences. Air and road traffic are major and increasing sources of many of the worst pollutants, including carbon dioxide (co2), carbon monoxide, carcinogenic parictles and noise. The environmental groups want to created a transport that is user-friendly service, that is reliable, affordable, accessible, intergrated with all other sustainable modes and environmentally friendly. Public service, not private proffit, must be function of public transport.
What are the AA and the RAC
These are British break down organisations, they give road side assistance like the ANWB

What is a 'lollipop lady' ?

This is a member of the 'school crossing patrol' (which consists of mostly women, only 20 % are men)who, while wearing a bright waterproof coat and carrying a black and white stick with a circle at the top which reads 'STOP', walks out into the middle of the road, stops traffic, and allows children to cross the road as they are walking to school. The stick with the STOP sign is popularly known as a lollipop, so they are called lollipop ladies.

What is done about the number of cars in big cities? 2 things
1. Government introduced congestion charge
2. Cities give absolute priority to buses and cyclists.
What do AA and RAC stand for?
AA: The Automobile Association. (anwb) they provide car insurance, driving lessons, breakdown cover, loans, motoring advice, road maps and other services.
RAC: Royal Automobile Club, basically the ANWB for the royals
What is a lollipop lady
klaar-over A person regulating traffic near for instance schools, making cars stop to let children cross the road.
What is a congestion charge?
A price car owners have to pay if they want to drive in a big city.
What has led to the decline of the lollipop lady?
Because most parents bring their children to school by car.
What is the speed limit on British motorways
70 mph = 120 kmu
What does the British motorist hate most?
The traffic warden, he writes out parking tickets.
What is the nickname of the London Underground
the Tube
Mention a few ‘transport symbols’ of London
Underground symbol, the black cab, the train, busstops and the dubble-decker bus

explain the difference between a taxi and a mini-cab

a traditional taxi (also known as 'black taxi', eventhough most of them are not black anymore) cannot be hired by phone. You simply find one on the street. A mini-cab does get its business over the phone.

Comment on the reputation of traffic wardens
the leave parking tickets on your window when you have not paid (enough) to park your car in that specific spo, or if you have parked in the wrong spot. They are feared and disliked by the Brits.
What is meant by the ‘dominance of London’?
It’s the centre of the network, web of roads. Londen is the hub of the UK’s rail network. (like Utrecht is in the Netherlands) Major stations are : Waterloo, Paddington and King’s Cross, St Pancras, Euston, Charing Cross, Victoria, Londen Bridge, Fenchurch Street and Liverpool Street
Explain the difference between a taxi and a mini-cab.
The traditional (black) taxies are driven by  cabbies who have to learn the map of London inside and out, which is called the knowledge. The mini-cabs can be hired by phone.
What do we learn about the British regarding queueing?
They queu everywhere, a bustop, grocery stores, to go in somewhere.

Name a few means of public transport in GB

Coach (lijnbus), Train, Tram, Taxi, Buses

What is Heathrow and why is it so important?
Heathrow is a major international airport in hillingdon, londen. Heathrowis the second busiest airport in the world by international passenger trafic, as well as the busiest airport in Europe by passenger traffic, and sixt busiest airport in the world.
Explain the British road-numbering system.
London is th centre of the road network with a web of roads eminating from it.  M for mortorways, there are ABC roads.

What is a barge

a ship that sails on the inland waterways such as canals. 

Name some well-known London airports
Gatwick, Heathrow and Stansted
What forms of public transport does London have?
1. (Double-decker) buses
2. The tube
3. Black taxis
4. Trams
What is the difference between a black taxi and a minicab?
A black taxi can't be phoned for service, a minicab can.
When was the train sector privatized?
in the 1990s
Why do a lot of passengers miss their connecting trains when switching from company during the travel?
because the companies thrive on their punctuality, so they don't wait for trains that are delayed from another company.
When was the Channel Tunnel opened?
Friday 6th of May 1994
Why is the high speed train not very popular as transport way to Europe?
1. it lacks windows
2. it lacks facilities besides toilets.
3 groups that are opposed to the building of a third runway at London Heathrow
  1. People living close are worried about destruction of their communities.
  2. Londoners are worried about the noise
  3. Green campaigners are against the idea on principle
What is the busiest airport of Britain?
London Heathrow
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