Summary: British Studies - Britain Studie For Learners Of English

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Read the summary and the most important questions on British Studies - Britain studie for learners of English

  • 3.1 Chapter 1 & 3 - Country, People, Culture & Geography

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  • 1.1.Explain the terms ‘Great Britain’, ‘the United Kingdom’ and the ‘Republic of Ireland’.

    Great Britain would include Wales, England and Scotland. It’s more used in a geographical sense and excludes some islands that are in fact part of Scotland, Wales and England.

    The United Kingdom is short for The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Which includes everything except the Republic of Ireland.
    Republic of Ireland is the southern part of the smaller island. It’s an independent country and not part of the UK.
  • 1.3.The terms Albion and Britannia refer to England. What are the origins of these names?

    Albion is used for both England and Scotland or for the two combined. It’s found in poetic contexts, derived from the Greek and Roman name for Great Britain. The Romans associated Britain with ‘white’ (albus) because of the cliffs of Dover.

    Britannia; the name that the Romans gave to their southern British province. (England, Wales) – Aslo the name given to the female embodiment of Britain. 
  • 1.5.Name 3 ways in which English domination can be detected in various aspects of British public life.

    Antwoord volgt nog
  • 1.6.Explain the reason for divided loyalties during international sporting and other events.

    There are millions of people that live in Britain that don’t necessarily consider themselves British. They identify with their grandparents’ or parents’ descent more and therefore support those national teams rather than supporting the English one.
  • 1.7            What are the origins of the biggest groups of ethnic minorities living in the United Kingdom?

    % of UK population in 2001:
    - White other 2.4
    - Asian Indian 1.8
    - Asian Pakistani 1.3
    - Mixed ethnicity 1.2
    - White Irish 1.1
    - Black Caribbean 1.0
    - Black African 0.8
    - Asian Bangladeshi 0.5
    - Chinese 0.4
    - Asian other 0.4
  • 1.8. What is the reason for the pattern and colours of the Union Jack?

    It’s a mix of all the flags of the UK except for Wales. England and Wales had already been annexed in 1300s. (George’s cross, St. Patricks, St. Andrews).
  • 3.3            Be able to identify the main UK cities on the map on page 34.

    - If made a list of all cities (stil need to check if its complete)
  • 4.3 Describe the characteristics of British Bulldog.

    Toughness and tenacity
  • 3.5            What is the Thames Barrier? 

    The Thames Barrier protects the city from flooding about three times a year (average). It is a storm surge barrier. It was completed in 1983 after a tidal surge killed 300 people in the Thames Estuary in East London. 

    It is widely believed that this structure won’t be enough (climate change) and new defences are being considered. 
  • 3.2.Be able to describe the climate and geography of the UK in general terms. 

    The climate and geography of the UK can generally be described as having a lack of extremes. There aren’t any active volcanoes, it doesn’t get bloody hot in the summer and it doesn’t get freezing cold in the winter. 

    Britain doesn’t have extremely high mountains, although it has a lot of hills and some mountainous areas. There are some very beautiful areas in the UK, for example the Lake District or the area around Mount Snowdown.

    (the further west you go, the rainier it gets). 

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