Viruses and Their Replication - Culturing, Detecting, and Counting Viruses

5 important questions on Viruses and Their Replication - Culturing, Detecting, and Counting Viruses

What kind of viruses are easiest to grow and what kind are hardest to grow (and why)?

Bacterial viruses are easiest to grow because they replicate fast, plant viruses are most difficult because most of the time it requires growth of a whole plant.

What is a titer?

A titer is the number of infectious virions present per volume of fluid.

What is a plaque?

A plaque is a zone of cell lysis, this happens when a virus infects host cells growing on a flat surface.

What is plating efficiency?

Plating efficiency is the efficiency of infecting host cells. This can be higher than 50% but also more like 0.1% or 1%. If the efficiency is low, the viral suspension has to be very concentrated.

Which plating efficiency is lower, animal viruses or phages?

The plating efficiency for animal viruses is much lower than for phages.

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