6 questions on "Other Physical Control Methods: Radiation and Filtration"

What is a disadvantage of UV radiation?
UV radiation has very poor penetrating power, limiting its use to the disinfection of exposed surfaces or air rather than bulk objects such as canned foods or surgical clothing.
How are heat-sensitive liquids usually sterilized?
By filtration.
What kind of filters are used in microbiology?
  • Glass fibre paper
  • Membrane filter
  • Nucleopore filter
What are membrane filters?
Membrane filters are used for liquid filtration. Different pore size lets different bacteria flow through.
What pore size is sufficient for almost all bacteria?
Pores of 0.2 µm are sufficient for almost all bacteria, because bacteria are bigger than 0.2 µm.
What are nucleopore filters?
Nucleopore filters are used to isolate specimen for scanning electron microscopy. The microorganisms that were filtered can be looked at directly from the filter.
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