4 questions on "Microbial Cell Structure and Function - The cytoplasmic Membrane"

What is the cytoplasmic membrane?
The cytoplasmic membrane surrounds the cytoplasm and separates it from the environment.
What does the cytoplasmic membrane control?
It controls the transport of nutrients inwards and waste outwards.
How is it possible that the membrane can exist in many different chemical forms?
As a result of variation in the groups attached to the glycerol backbone.
What kind of linkages do archaea have in archaeal cell walls, what kind of linkages do bacteria and eukaryotes have in phospholipids?
Archaeal membranes have ether linkages in phospholipids of Archaea. Bacteria and Eukarya have ester linkages in phospholipids. Archaeal lipids lack fatty acids but have isoprenes instead.
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