Metabolic Pathway of Microorganisms - Nitrification

3 important questions on Metabolic Pathway of Microorganisms - Nitrification

What are ammonia oxidizers?

Organisms that oxidize NH3 to NO2-.

What are ammonia monoxygenase, hydroxylamine oxidoreductase, and nitrite oxidoreductase?

NH3 is oxidized by ammonia monooxygenase, producing hydroxylamine (NH2OH) and H2O. Hydroxylamine oxidoreductase then oxidizes NH2OH to NO2-.
NO2- is oxidized to NO3- by the enzyme nitrite oxidoreductase.

Which cycle for CO2 fixation do aerobic nitrifying Bacteria and ammonia-oxidizing Archaea employ?

The Calvin cycle in nitrifying Bacteria.
The hydroxypropionate cycle in ammonia-oxidizing Archaea.

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