9 questions on "Microbial Metabolism - Transporting Nutrients into the Cell"

What is active transport?
The process by which cells accumulate solutes againt the concentration gradient.
What are the three major classes of transport systems in prokaryotes?
  • Simple transport
  • Group translocation
  • ABC transporting systems
Of which three componets consists the ABC transport system?
  1. Substrate-binding protein
  2. Transmembrane transporter
  3. ATP-hydrolizing protein
What is the name of the reaction where a solute and a proton are cotransported in one direction?
Symport reaction
What is the name of the reaction where a solute and a proton are transported in opposite directions?
Antiport reaction
In which ways does group translocation differ from a simple transport reaction?
  1. The transported substance is chemically modified during the transport process.
  2. An energy-rich organic compound drives the transport event.
What does the phosphotransferase system do?
Transport any given sugar
Which protein catalyzes the transport of substrates in gram-negative bacteria?
Periplasmic binding protein
What is the functional equivalent of periplasmic binding proteins in gram-positive bacteria?
Substrate-binding proteins
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