An Overview of business - An Overview of the Analytics Ecosystem

4 important questions on An Overview of business - An Overview of the Analytics Ecosystem

List the 11 categories of players in the analytical ecosystem.
(= component = clusters = petals = sectors)

Technology Providers:
  • Data Generation Infrastructure Providers
  • Data Management Infrastructure Providers
  • Data Warehouse Providers
  • Middleware Providers
  • Data Service Providers
  • Analytics-Focused Software Developers
Analytics Accelerators:
  • Application Developers: Industry Specific or General
  • Analytics Industry analysts and Influencers
  • Academic Institutions and Certification Agencies
  • Regulators and Policy Makers
Core and most important component:
  • Analytics User Organization

Give examples of companies in each of the 11 types of players.

Analytics User Organization: the core - economic engine of the whole analytics industry.

Which companies are dominant in more than 1 category?


Is it better to be the strongest player in 1 category or be active in multiple categories?


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