Big Data Concepts and Tools - Big Data and Stream Analytics

5 important questions on Big Data Concepts and Tools - Big Data and Stream Analytics

What is a stream? (in the Big Data world)

A stream is a continuous sequence of data elements. The elements in a stream are often called tuples. In RDMBS a tuple is similar to a row.
A tuple is an abstraction that represented a package of dat, which can be characterized as a set of attributes of a given object.

What are the motivations for stream analytics?

Time to action
The technological means exist to capture and process the data while it is created

What is stream analytics? How does it differ from regular analytics?

also called data-in-motion analytics or real time data analytics;
It is the analytic process of extracting actionable information from continuously flowing/streaming data.
Regular analytics always walks behind.
With stream analytics the data is not permanently stored.

What is critical event processing? How does it relate to stream analytics?

Is a method of capturing, tracking and analyzing streams of data to detect certain events (out of normal happenings) that are worthy of the effort.
Goal is to prevent these events or to take opportunity

Define data stream mining. What additional challenges are posed by data stream mining?

Is an enabling technology for stream analytics, is a process of extracting novel patterns and knowledge structures from continuous rapid data sources.
Goal is to predict the class or value of the new instances in the data stream

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