Summary Business vocabulary in use intermediate with answers ( cd-rom) Book cover image

Summary Business vocabulary in use intermediate with answers ( cd-rom)

- Bill Mascull
ISBN-10 0521748623 ISBN-13 9780521748629
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A snapshot of the summary - Business vocabulary in use intermediate with answers ( cd-rom) Author: Bill Mascull ISBN: 9780521748629

  • 1 Work and jobs

  • At the end of this year I will be planning what I wil do for the next year. 
    - going on holiday to Cuba, new job, visit my friend Juan Carlos in the UK
  • Types of job and types of work

    A full-time job = for the whole of the normal working week; a part-time job is for less dan that. Permanent job does not finish after a fixed period; a temporary job finishes after a fixed period 

  • Recruit - a hire
  • 2 Ways of working

  • The work is interesting and gives you positive feelings
    satisfying, stimulating, fascinating, exciting. 
  • Dull, Boring, uninteresting, unstimulating?
    = the work is not interesting. 
  • tiring, tough, hard, demanding
    = the work is difficult and makes you tired 
  • Strike, stoppage, walk-out
    Workers who stop working for a while
  • 3 Recruitment and selection

  • Headhunters = (caza talentos)
    specialists used to finde people for important jobs
  • 4 Skills and qualifications

  • Proactive/self-driven/self-motivated=
    good at working on their own
  • 5 Pay and benefits

  • Wages, salary and benefits 

    - salary - to get paid every month

    - overtime - extra hours work

    perks - for example, free meals. 

    wages - to get paid daily of every week

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