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Summary Cambridge Engels

- Cambridge Engels
- Stan Nizet
- 2018 - 2019
- Eckartcollege (Eindhoven)
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A snapshot of the summary - Cambridge Engels

  • EVU 1; Study and Academic Work; A

  • Heel hard leren, drillen
    Study in a very concentrated way for a short time

    To cram

  • Genie
    An exeptionally clever person

  • Oude overhoringen
    Exam Papers from previous years
    Past papers

  • Leren door enkel te herhalen
    Learning purely by repetition
  • EVU 1; Study and Academic Work; B

  • Mindmap
    Diagram that lays out ideas for a topic and how they are connected to one another
    Mind map
  • EVU 2; Debates and Issues; A

  • Uit blinken
    Achieve an excellent standard
    To excel
  • EVU 2; Debates and Issues; B

  • Gecijferdheid
    The ability to do maths/count
  • Changes to what is covered in the national syllabus
    Curriculum reform
  • Plan of what is to be studied
  • EVU 3; Applying for a Job; B

  • Een brief die je meestuurt met je aanmelding
    Cover/Covering letter
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