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Summary Catchment Response Analysys

- Catchment Response Analyses
- 2021 - 2022
- Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
- Hydrology
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A snapshot of the summary - Catchment Response Analysys

  • 1 Water Balance

  • What are the components of the water balance?
    Delta S = P + Qin +GWin - E - Qout - GWout
  • How many mm is 1L/m2
    0,001m3/m2 = 1mm
  • How can a water balance be simplified?
    Don't use the storage and groundwater flux.
  • Where on the world do we find a low runoff ratio?
    In dry area's
  • What factor largely control the runoff ratio?
    The climate
  • Do steeper catchments have a high or a low runoff ratio?
    A high runoff ratio
  • What is climate aridity?
    The ratio of long term average E divided by the long term average of P
  • What is potential evapotranspiration?

    The amount of evaporation that would occur if a sufficient water source were available.
  • 0 degrees C in Kelvin is?
  • What does is mean if an area has a large aridity index?
    Much more potential precipitation than evaporation.
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