6 questions on "EIGRP - Diffusing Update Algorithm - Stuck-In-Active State"

What are common reasons for a router does not respond to a query and  become stuck in active? 4
  1. The neighbor router's CPU is overloaded and the router either cannot respond in time or is even unable to process all incoming packets including the EIGRP packets.
  2. Quality issues on the link are causing packets to be lost
  3. Low-bandwidth are congested and packets are being delayed or dropped
  4. The network topology is excessively large
What is the command to set the active timer?
(config-router)#timers active-time
What happens if the active timer's value is reached in EIGRP? 3
-If all expected replies are not received before the active timer expires, the route in question will be designated as SIA.
-The neighbor that did no reply will be removed from the neighbor table and their adjencencies torn down.
-The diffusing computation will consider if these neighbors have responded with an infinite metric
What can be the answers on a SIA-query? 2
-SIA-reply Nothing to wait for
-SIA-reply: Yes I still expect my own neighors to send me the replies I have
asked them for

SIA-reply allows to active timer to be reset
When a SIA-reply is sent, what happens with the active timer?
The active timer is reset. The SIA-reply must be send within the other half of the active timer value
What is the maximum extension for the diffussing computation when SIA-Queries are used?
4X90= 360 sec (6min)

Query   90   1SIA-Q   90s   2SIA-Q   90 s   3SIA-Q 90s  DROP
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